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bye rumeo

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Rumeister, Jul 17, 2017.


Should I have quit>

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. I don't know what you're feeling, so, I don't know.

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    Rumeo, oh Rumeo, why do you want to leaveo? :(
    I, Rumeister have made my decision to LEAVE Cyclone Network, why? Here's why:
    • Lack of events, e.g. PvP tournaments, build contests, drop parties, etc
    • Boring & Repetitive - in some cases, it could take you a day to set up all of your farms, after that, you AFK --> Sell --> AFK --> Sell, and I am sick of it, nothing to do, nothing to build
    • Copycats? - Over the years I have experienced Cyclone add a lot of plugins and ideas from other servers, I will not name any servers to specify.
    • Other Servers - Rumeo has been playing other servers recently... I know I cheated on Cyclone, I just like servers with a main goal and objective that doesn't take a week to complete.
    • Broken Economy - The economy breaks within a day or 2 of reset, they reset the server to fix the economy, yet, they make no changes to shop prices.
    • Lack of public suggestions - Once or twice in my 3 years of playing this server I have witnessed the Admins adding a suggestion by the public, it's ridiculous!
    • Life... Stuff - I have come to the part in my life were I need to focus and dedicate more time to my education and my life. Therefore I am not as active as before.
    If any of the Staff Team are reading this, please try to influence the higher Staff Members to make this server great again, please don't take this personally, I am just trying to help the server, I want this server to go places, not to go down, Cyclone will always have a place in my heart.
    Before I go I would like to thank a few people for making my experience at this server the best it could possibly be:

    BritishMunkeh - By far the best person I have met during my time here, great staff member, keep in touch xoxoxox thank you.

    Purur - ok, thank you

    smokinleaves - ayy lmao, thank you

    iJaun - Best admin ever and taco maker, thank you

    LavaIsForEvar - I doubt you are reading this but you were one of the first friends I made on the server, thank you.

    Get_BamBooZel - Great prison player, I remember I owed you a lot of money, great funny person, thank you.

    ashTbasher - fantastic builder, fantastic person, thank you.

    Orleans - Funny guy, quit ages ago, thank you.

    Dwizofoz - I have known you for years, before you owned a server, I have known you since you were admin on server than no longer exists, keep up the great work, thank you.

    fungamerNL - You no longer play but you are an amazing farm designer and person, thank you.

    Skyeeeee - R.I.P - You were an amazing woman, thank you.

    Also, thank you to all of the Staff Team for helping this server
    P.S. Please don't get mad if I didn't mention your name.

    But for now, Goodbye.

    - Rumeister
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  2. Best of luck.
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  3. NO!! not Rumeo!!
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  4. lol I remember Orleans
  5. All your reasons are great reasons why you have quit and honestly I don't blame you.

    I wish you best luck in the future and hope to see you around some time.

    Love you <3
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  6. Thank you.
  7. :(
  8. Thanks, will do <3
  9. M8, no worrys about your leather addiction, you dont own me anything, im glad i could work by your side and help ya, i will miss ya, you m8.

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  10. And you just joined back :oops:
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  11. Too many people are leaving!! Good Luck in the future, you will be missed :(:(

    Your Friendly Llama,
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  12. pls no
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  13. haha, I was 1 off of full leather!
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    1v1 me kid I wil 360 420 no scope u with my bow

    U know what server we play together msg me on there dady

    Also im on vacation for the next week

    :( cya around.

    Sorry for spam above it was a joke xdd
  15. im not on the list, rameo sad ):
  16. Good luck rum
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  19. I concur.