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Buy Beta Passes

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Hayden, Jun 24, 2016.

  1. Hello all,

    I'm here with a quick update! As of today you can purchase a beta pass for $13. Please know you'll not be able to join the beta server until the 29th! There will be only 30 beta passes available. Anyone that purchased 1 last reset will receive it again but will be allowed to join on the 30th, one day later than the buyers this time. If you wish to join on the 29th you'll have to re-buy a pass. Anyone that claims a plot will be able to keep it but it will be reset in addition anyone who buys a pass this round will receive a "Omnitool" enchant on prison!

    I'll make a post when the beta is has started. I will be recording the video for the YouTube channel tomorrow and will be up on the 2nd of July!

    Purchase a pass here

    Thank you,
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  2. What does that do?

    Also Hayden, if I buy a beta pass will I be allowed on? I know Fire has told me that I won't be allowed on.
  3. It will enchant your pickaxe, after that it will change to a axe, shovel etc. Yes you'll be allowed on. You're one of the more experienced bug finders.
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  4. Aww thanks bb Is the money going to charity again?
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  5. do you get the beta tester title??
  6. I will be buying my beta passes once I can find $13.64 in spare change laying around the house and outside on the streets. Should be soon <3
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  7. Cool, looking forward to V5.
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  8. Got Mine:)
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  9. No wtf my comment got deleted :(
  10. Psst, re-comment it; I never saw it.
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  11. Dwizofoz am I your son?
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  12. Can't wait! buying now!
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  14. WHen will the server be running for everyone to join it?
  15. what time will the beta server be up??? and how will it work?? will you give us the ip or will we be able to get onto it through cyclonenetwork or what???
  16. 5th of July
    The Beta will be up on the 29th their is no specific time, as their may be issues uploading the server. The Beta is basically the full version of Cyclone but people are encouraged to search around the worlds, look for bugs and provide feedback to the staff so changes can be made before the release, the IP will be as normal
  17. What about the crate keys that most people bought do we get them back?
  18. Do we ever? No, So probably no.
  19. so when is v4 closing??? tonight/tomorrow ??
  20. Why is the beta pass $13 now?!?!?!? it use to be $10USD