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BritishMonkeh report.

Discussion in 'Archived Player Reports' started by iTsSegev, Apr 18, 2017.

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  1. Morning, I want to report the staff "BritishMonkeh" .
    He saids "What a admin noob" And i were muted so i say on /Helpop "Screenshot" And he banned meh.
    Also, Yasterday I make a nick : "AmericanMonkeh and he muted meh.

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  2. Hi Seg A few things I like to say 1 is that its the wrong format 2. its in the wrong section it should be under staff reports 3. I Recently saw a post about u maybe that's the reason why u got 1 day muted

    Thanks for listening :D
    Enjoy your day
  3. listen, My 1 day mute is ok cuz i "death threat" But yasterday i change my nick to AmericanMonkeh and he muted meh + kick me. i want him demoted. he should be user or something alse, the worth staff on cyclone, I LOVE JYZO <3
  4. This is completely wrong. For a start staff reports should not be in player reports, there is a section for this. Secondly there is a format for reports, both staff and player reports. Finally, I don't think that there is any abuse in the screenshots, you got the correct punishments as you broke the rules.

    Your Friendly Llama,
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  5. Okay
  6. That is veryy true he needs to get demoted cuz he is abusive you get permission to put a nick you can have any nick you want you don't have to put a nick that he likes is your money payed to have acces for nick not his
  7. I think you two should really lay off Josh, he's got a lot to do considering his upcoming GSCE's so be grateful hes on.
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  8. It's not your choice of him getting demoted also he can't be demoted to User when he has a rank he paid for.

    He had the right to do that. You got the inspiration of that nickname from him and how would you feel if someone nicked as iTsSugev or something similar how would you feel?

    Wow cool you love Jyzo big woop. I would also point out if you right about which staff is better you're honestly just sick. All staff are unique and helpful in their own ways.

    I would also like to say that Joshua would never abuse his powers (unless he wants to kill my alt smh) and he just said "What an admin noob" because he's joking around. With the staff team there's a lot of banter and just saying that doesn't mean anything against Dylz, besides there's lots more "hostility" that can be said.

    Also like others said you posted this in the wrong section and didn't even follow any sort of format and me personally think it's a false report.

    Next time have more proof before posting a staff report

    Not ANY nickname. If Nick permissions are abused you get punished simple as that.
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  9. I agree with Mito you got what you deserved... It's pretty simple you broke the rules and got punished
  10. First things first, if you'd like to report a Staff Member, click HERE.
    Secondly, it has a format for you to follow - if you'd like to view this, click HERE.

    Finally, I'd like to say - this isn't a report, you're simply annoyed that he banned you for ABUSING HELPOP, which I think you'll find is NOT allowed on Cyclone as it simply wastes Staff members' time. If you have proof of you asking a question in helpop and him banning you for that, then I believe this may be reportable. BritishMunkeh, along with 99% rest of the staff, like to have fun, and joke around - hence the "Admin noob", this is simply a joke and is not taken seriously. It wasn't directed to anyone, 'twas a joke. If you'd like to proceed to report BritishMunkeh, or any other staff for that matter, please do so in the Staff Reports section, which I linked to you initially.
    Now, Locking Thread - due to lack of evidence, not being in the correct location, and not being in the correct format.
    If you would like to continue with this report, make another thread with the correct information and location.
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  11. You missed out half the story, next time post in the correct area with the correct format and provide sufficient evidence and explain the whole story instead of one part and not explaining what was happening before.
    Thanks - BritishMunkeh
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