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bootswana09 ban why?

Discussion in 'Archived Ban Appeals' started by jacob, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. Your IGN:bootswana09
    Reason for Ban:hacking?
    Time & Date of Ban:4/16/17
    Name of Staff member who banned you:huggiee
    Why you should be unbanned:i didnt do anything
  2. Please provide evidence you where not hacking, otherwise this might get ignored by staff.
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  3. i have no evidence because i havent played very much.
  4. If you do not have any proof then just wait for Huggiee as in the roll back he may have accidentally banned a person or two that were not supposed to be but were banned by the hackers. My word of advice is find proof and be patient
  5. Huggiee should just show us the proof and be done
  6. I couldn't agree more; printer has a very easy to detect, most likely there will be proof.
  7. That time when you place stone but you are holding grass.
  8. That time you grow a oak tree but you are holding a dark oak sapling... <--- what is this guys even saying??
  9. Printer allows you to place blocks in your inventory without you even holding them