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Blastt's Staff Application

Discussion in 'Archived Applications' started by Blastt, Jan 11, 2017.

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    IGN (InGame Name): Blastt
    Date of application: 1/11/17
    Country: United States Of America
    Time zone: Central Standard Time
    InGame ranks: My donator rank is [God] & My Mine Rank Is Y

    Have you any past staff experiences? If any, then please describe (DO NOT post other server IP's) I've had multiple past Staff experiences. If you do not already know, I love Pokemon, and I enjoy Minecraft, and I had heard that there was this mod called Pixelmon, (Pokemon in Minecraft) so I downloaded the mod, went on a site, and started looking for servers. I stumbled on a server that I forgot the name of sadly, (It might've been PixelCraft or PokeCraft or something) anyways, I found the server and joined, I came to love the server, so I donated and got the highest rank, then applied for Gym Leader. One Month later (It was the Trainee Rank in reality), One Month later I then applied for staff and was accepted. Then SkyeWolfie had promoted me, and my staff adventure started there. Now lets get to the point, from this Pixelmon server, I've learned a few useful commands that I could/and will suggest, accepted or not, and I've also learned how to properly moderate chat with the given commands. Another server that was meant to be called Niras was a server that my friend Vocken owned, he, myself, and a few others helped develop & build on it. Before it was public, someone had spawned a large amount of diamond ore crashing the server. Luckily I fixed the mess, but the server got corrupted and our work was lost. I learned how to fix big summonings of blocks, few more commands & how Staff should be handled. I was staff on a few more servers, nothing really happened during my time as staff on these other servers that was something really special that I will remember forever, other then just picking up some new ways to moderate, and more commands. Lastly, I was staff on here! Cyclone Network! Although my time as Staff was relatively short, I've learned a lot actually. I feel as if I have an edge from everyone else, thats not meaning I do, but I just feel I do as I've familiarized myself with the helper commands, how to moderate on Cyclone, and memorizing most of the rules.

    Do you have Teamspeak, Skype and a microphone? I have both Teamspeak, & Skype. And I have a microphone.

    Have you ever been banned, muted or kicked on CycloneNetwork? (If so, then why?)
    Throughout my entire time on Cyclone, I have only been banned once, and it was for 24 hours. Reason being: I used /god in pvp after two hackers were hacking in pvp. I /helpop'd 3-5 times total (Throughout the whole thing), and no one showed up to ban them/check it out. Then I went to Skyblock to check is anyone was on (Staff) that was afk. Still no one, then the hackers followed me to Skyblock. From there I went to pvp trying to form some sort of evidence, so I whip out my handy dandy phone, and started recording. It was hard to play Minecraft with one arm, so I typed in /god and jumped down with nothing, and just waited for them to bounce around and use killaura on me. After time had passed. Someone jumped down and killed me, then I didn't see the hackers in pvp. I go back with armor, jump down and fight that same person. After seeing particle effects, I hit him backwords, and run to jump off the edge, hoping the pvp tag ends. I got hit last second, as I fell into the void. I then continued to type /god and pv'd 1 set of armor and 1 sword & axe. After the ban timer was over, I went on to Skyblock, went into that pv, and through my armor set, sword and axe into the void. I've learned that it doesn't matter the purpose/reason you do something, if you break a rule you break a rule, and get punished for it.

    I've been kicked for Evading Chat Swear Filter, Due to the fact that I got angry...
    And I've gotten kicked for Talking About Other Servers, This was during the time of a certain player calling me trash, so I said what "1v1 me on ******* M8" However the server name was misspelt, as I didn't want to name the server a 2nd time.

    I have never been muted.

    I would also like to point out I am not proud of these actions, nor will I never be.

    How long have you been playing on CycloneNetwork? Since late Velocity, so a fair amount of time :p

    Do you have the ability to record minecraft video? As of now, I do not have the ability to record minecraft video, however I will be able to soon.

    Where are you most active on CycloneNetwork? I am most active on Prison. I'm getting back into Skyblock, so I'm trying to be more active on there. And I go on Factions every now and then.

    Tell us about a time you made a mistake? How did you deal with it? What did you learn? In 2016, I made the mistake of not trying to be a positive person, I personally thought I was a toxic person who didn't care for others. I made so many mistakes in 2016, but thats just how things work, we are human after all. Do note I'm not proud of what I did and am trying to change. Anyways, like most people, I watch Youtube, and I have been watching new Youtubers to see if I enjoy their content. I've noticed a pattern recently, some of the people that i've been watching continue to say, "Keep Smiling" or "Stay Positive" or "Be Positive" and so on. I hope that doesn't sound like a "YOU NEED SOME MENTAL HELP" type of phrase...Anyways, one of my favorite Youtubers recently live streamed Pokemon Sun & Moon. As I watched Rob (His real name) Play through the game, he talked about how being positive changed his life, as he used to be toxic like I was and still kind of am sadly. However after watching why he decided be positive, how he started to be positive, and what he did. Something in my brain just changed, I was inspired to try something new, as positivity can make you feel amazing. And sometimes everyone gets mad, its in our nature. If you haven't noticed already, if someone who has been having a bad day can come off negative or toxic to you, and sometimes it can make you upset to, and it can sort of start a chain. I've started to face facts and reality, and started to notice this, so I've decided to try and be positive. I've been trying to be a better person, and I am doing what I can to, baby steps. This is actually the reason I wanted to apply for staff in the first place. I wanted to stop the chain of negativity, in the community I learned to grow in, and love. I want to help people, at least make their time on Cyclone fun, and enjoyable.

    Have you made any previous applications, if so how many and what is the date of your last one? I have made 4-6 applications total, I don't remember exactly how many I've made, or the date, due to me not being able to find the posts. My apologize everyone :( What I do know however, is my last application was in V4.

    Anything else we should know?
    am put for the Moose Of The Year award. Don't tell them I'm a Koala
    like to pvp even though I am trash ;)
    love to build :rolleyes:
    enjoy and play Tennis & Archery
    am your friendly neighborhood stalker
    think Taylor Swift makes some nice music
    hugged one staff member, then received "Good People Germs"
    made a Build Team called Vexon ;-)
    have a master plan to switch places with Brody so he needs to give me heads for food > : D
    try to be funny even though I'm not :p
    have a favorite color, its Blue
    love you all <3

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read my application!
    I hope you try to be positive if you are not already!
    Have a fantastic rest of your Day/Night!
    All Feedback is appreciated!
    Love you all <3

    -Friendly Neighborhood Stalker Blastt
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  2. YES YES YES +1 good luck blast!! <3
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  3. Brilliant Application! Only thing I would say is I know some of the Staff Members feel that using italics and bold throughout your application as oppose to on occasion is deemed not necessary and is actually more difficult to read.

    Brilliant player, excellent sense of humor. I'd like to see your around more often, maybe try to put yourself on the map for servers other than Prison, which for you won't be a difficult task!

    By the way you made this application exactly a year after you joined the Forums ;)

    Good Luck Blastt!
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  4. This is a very nice application Blastt. Your very friendly in game and you love to PvP. My only recommendation would be to remove the italics because it is a bit annoying to read. Besides that, you seem like you're fit for the position and good luck!
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    Thank you so much Maddie <3 I've missed you

    Thank you for finding that out! Also thanks for the feedback! Means a lot <3
    (Please send help, Brody didn't feed me)

    Thanks <3 I'll get on with removing the italics, Congrats on Trainee by the way!
    (All of these people were paid to say these things, as no one would actually say this)

    Removed: Italics

    Added To: Anything Else We Should Know
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  6. Optimistic app, used colors to assert the importance of the questions ,used a systematic and attractive manner throughout the app and could say that Blast is a quite jovial and funn character and of course very friendly person deserve the position and hope you'll work towards the betterment of the server as well as the community
    ~Regards SubtleRain~
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  7. Thank you so much Sub! It means the world to me <3
  8. Excuse me! I though I mean the world to you not his comment! I'm crying rn
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  9. Don't cry, I never said you mean the world to me, I've never said that about a person. other than Mandy, Lego, and Kian

    I don't mean that in a rude way, anyways thanks for checking out my application!
  10. I'm going to cry again u r a meanie.
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  11. I'm sorry, I only have so much love I can give... :(
  12. Nice app.
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  13. Thanks, Hayden! <3
  14. Nice application Blastie <3
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  15. Nice application, I see you quite often when I'm on which is never. Seem pretty helpful as well anyways good luck my favorite blast, I swear I don't know any others! ;)
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  16. if you want to be a good staff, begins by stopping to tell everyone in prison that they are bad at pvp
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    Thanks my accomplished friend! & Thanks for reading ;)

    Thanks Pur! <3, I only know one Purrrrfect Pur, and thats you! Unless you are a hacker pretending to be Pur, in which case, My name is Juan Apple Seed, I live in Ocean, The only people I know are Bon Bon, and Nicole.

    Thanks for the feedback! However I don't call everyone at pvp bad, just the people that do it to me <3

    I'll try to improve on that in all seriousness. However I actually don't call everyone bad at pvp.

    Fixed - Grammer Errors & Spelling Errors
    Added To - Have you ever been banned, muted or kicked on CycloneNetwork? Section

    *cough* more on the serious side.
    Your a great person .o. Great Builder and I think you can affect the community in a good way. Reading your transition from being toxic to the person you are today, It was so sad toread, it was like a soap opera. qq goodluck blast ily
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  19. Hi
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  20. You suck :)
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