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Beta Test!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Broanater, Apr 21, 2018.

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    Hello everyone!


    Me again, but this time, I actually have some news that will hopefully get you as hyped as I am while writing this. I am here to tell you, a beta test is coming. On ________ the server will become available to those who have been selected for the beta. Now you may be thinking, “Oh almighty Brody. How do I get selected to be in the beta!?!”. It's simple, be lucky. All the names of people who fill out the form(See below) will be entered into a random selection program and that's it. We will be picking around 20-30 maybe more maybe less to be in the beta. When within the beta you will be asked to give your input on the server as is. Along with being the main method of the economy testing. The duration of the beta has not been determined but it will be announced to the beta testers a few days before the server will be closed again.

    The Draw

    The draw will be 100% random. I will not be selecting people to join so don’t message me begging to be let in. This will result in your name being removed from the real draw. Once all the slots are filled, they’re filled. To enter fill out this form (Here). The names of the people who will be in the beta will be drawn the day before the beta goes live. The names will be updated at bottom of this post so be sure to check back here! Only one entry per IGN(In Game Name). Entering multiple times will result in your name being removed from the draw completely. Don't be that person. And if you think you'll try and get away with it. Don't, I made a program where I put all names in a text file and it searches for any matches, non case sensitive. If you wanna risk it to test the program, go ahead. You just risk getting added to the cheaters section(At the bottom).


    As you can see, the date hasn't been 100% confirmed yet so no date was included so no one got angry if we missed it. Once a date has been decided it will be updated in the blank and this section will be removed. Despite the date not being there. The forum to apply for the beta is open. So get in there and apply! Remember though., only 1 entry per IGN. Or your entry will be ignored. Thank you!

    Thank you for staying with us once again and I can’t wait to get everyone back on the server! Like always, any questions, comments, concerns, suggestion, or hype is more than welcome in the comments!


    Community Manager/Admin

    Selected Beta Testers


    Some names were entered multiple times. They were however entered with very different time stamps around the time I reminded everyone on discord. I took this as people forgetting they entered. So I just removed the double entry!
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  2. #HYPE
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  3. Can't wait. Hope I get in!
  4. :) Good Luck eveeeeryyone !!!!!
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  5. Interesting
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  6. Almighty Brody, any punishments for a cheater?

    besides being publicly shamed on a forum post...
  7. k
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  8. Nothing other than the public shamming and the chance at missing out on the beta test sadly. I would have enjoyed having some more fun with it. Like having a forced, "Cheater" tag for the first month of full release.
  9. idk maybe you could ban the cheaters for 3 days on that start when the server is released
  10. Very excited. Are we allowed to use Alt Accounts to enter ourselves more than once?
  11. Clearly not.
  12. Reasonable question IMO. No need to get stroppy :)
  13. It's not reasonable, you are to enter once, otherwise, it is classified as cheating. Please explain to me the logic of him saying enter once only, then you making ALTS (which are still you, a single person) to so-called "enter again'" although it is one entry per person. You're literally taking away the fun/chance of another person. Sorry if this seems rude, but when you call me stroppy for something I had thought was clear, this is how I'll have to respond to make it clear for you. Have a nice day.
  14. No need to get grumpy. I did say IGN. I should have said person, while you are correct you can't use your alts still coulda explained it in a nicer way <3
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  15. Thanks bud
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  17. i'd like to be included, sounds dope
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