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Banned for using "/god in pvp"

Discussion in 'Archived Ban Appeals' started by WazzaPro, Mar 18, 2017.

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  1. Hi, I was banned by BritishMunkeh for using /god in pvp. I don't even pvp so I don't understand why I was banned. I would also like too see the proof of how I was using god in pvp.

    Thanks Wazza.
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  2. #1. Please Use Proper Format For A Ban Appeal, You Can Find That Here - http://cyclonenetwork.org/threads/ban-appeal-template.19/

    #2, This Is Not Your First Time Being Banned For Using /god In A Place Where PvP Is Enabled.

    #3, It Is Only A Temporary Ban. You Are Not Able To Appeal A Temporary Ban.

    #4. Just Wait Until 3:20pm Tomorrow (March 19'th, 2017 To Be Able To Play Again

    Hope You Learn From Your Mistake, Best Wishes - vRage
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  3. #1. Don't need a proper ban appeal format.
    #2. You don't have proof that I used /god in a place where PvP is enabled.
    #3. I don't care if it is a temporary ban.
    #4. I don't care as I didn't have /god on in PvP.

    Thanks Wazza.
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  4. #1 Use the template.
    #2 You can't appeal a temporary ban.
    #3 Denied.
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  5. I'm only commenting this as you asked for proof:

    I did not record this footage myself either. I just watched it and then banned you for abusing /God.
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