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BaconStix Staff Application

Discussion in 'Archived Applications' started by Pig, Mar 14, 2017.

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    IGN (In Game Name): BaconStix

    Date of application: Tuesday March 14, 2017 at 9:53 A.M

    Age: 11 (Almost 12 in May)

    Country: United States Of America

    Time zone: EST (Eastern Time)

    In Game ranks (Mine rank and Donation Rank,only if you have one) I have Hail rank, I bought fly on factions and skyblock,and I bought rain rank before hail.
    Have you any past staff experiences? If any, then please describe (DO NOT post other server IP's)
    Yes I have, I've been Head-Admin, Co-Owner, Helper, and I just got Builder on a server! Since I was Head-Admin, Co-Owner I have experience of banning hackers or people who advertise things that shouldn't be advertised. Since I was Helper I know other ways to help people if they need help with their island (skyblock) or warping to a plot (prison) or making a base (factions).

    Do you have Teamspeak, Skype and a microphone?

    Yes, I have Teamspeak, Discord, Skype, and a microphone.

    Have you ever been banned, muted or kicked on CycloneNetwork? (If so, then why?)

    Yes, (Sadly) I have been Kicked/Warned for spam because I'm usually in a hurry because I have to go to eat or something and I want to finish.

    How long have you been playing on CycloneNetwork?

    I've been playing on cyclone for about 2-3 years now. I changed my IGN many times (Sorry about that). I've always had a fun experience on skyblock, prison, and factions. I knew a lot of staff before they retired. And I know a lot about Cyclone since I was here for a while.

    Do you have the ability to record minecraft video?

    Yes, I can record minecraft videos using a recording system I have, but I don't really know how to edit them if that's fine. I can record hackers if there is not a mod, admin or other staff that can ban them there.

    Where are you most active on CycloneNetwork?

    I'm most active on factions and skyblock, but mostly factions. I play a lot of factions on Cyclone. Almost like 2-4 hours everyday and on skyblock almost 4-6 hours everyday.

    Tell us about a time you made a mistake? How did you deal with it? What did you learn?

    A time I made a mistake was when I did /clear on skyblock. I dealt with it by laughing while also being really mad because I thought it would show the time of when the clear lag would happen. In the game I asked what was the command for it and there wasn't. I learned that I should only do /clear if my inventory is filled with junk, that I should just wait until it says it in chat, and ask for a staff member or players help before you do a command that you don't know what it does.

    Have you made any previous applications, if so how many and what is the date of your last one?

    Yes, I made 1 previous application and it was January 20th, 2017. I did not get accepted, but that doesn't keep me down. I am trying again now and trying to get staff this time. I am very confident that I could get staff this time.

    Anything else we should know?

    If you want to know what my past IGNs were just /msg me in game or comment on this application form. Also that Cyclone should a Anti-Cheat or a Console if you don't have one.

    Thank You for your time to read this application!

  2. You state that you have past expirence and you say what roles you had but it would be better if you went into more detail about what your roles included.

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  3. Add some more detail to most of the question as use some colours 1- 2 max colours
  4. Hey BaconStix, you stated you have been on Cyclone Network for about 2-3 years, which is awesome! However, there are some aspects of your application that are lacking. For one, overall you need more detail in your now know how to use, etc. Convince us that these previous staff experiences will help you when you are staff on our network.

    One last thing, and this isn't essential but I personally feel it will help. When you talk about a time you made a mistake try to take this question a little more seriously, it could relate to in game or out of game. I understand that clearing your inventory is a mistake, but many players make this mistake. Tell us about a time where you made a serious mistake and learned a valuable lesson from it. I don't think you can apply the fact that you shouldn't clear your inventory to real life:D

    Regardless, good application, but after making the necessary changes listed both here and above, it will be an excellent one! Good luck!

  5. Should I change it now or make a new one later? Because like I said in Have you made any previous applications, if so how many and what is the date of your last one? I won't give up :) and no one should :)
  6. Don't make a new application unless Kian says it's denied (You can reapply in a month etc) just edit your current application.
  7. Locking thread due to Application not being in the correct format, you can reapply with the following format found Here.
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