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Awaition And Jumpinigninja

Discussion in 'Archived Ban Appeals' started by Awaition, Oct 2, 2016.

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  1. [Rain]-Awaition Banned By ___Joshieee____
    No Proof And You Banned Me AGAIN????? I Only Go Pvp Once And You All Of A Sudden Appear
    And Ban Me I Mean Like Do You Hate ME???

    What Happen Was That I Just Went TO pvp And Use Gaps And Hit People And than i got Banned

    And Dude

    [Alt]-JumpingNinja Banned By ___Joshieee____
    You Ban My Alt U Freaking Serious??? Jesus I Never Knew How Much You Hate Me
    i Mean Like I Did Nothing Wrong I Have No Freaking Kill aura, Or Anything Well I am Starting
    TO Get Annoyed By ___Joshieee___ For Banning People That Dont Hack Or Anything else

    (Still No Proof)
    (No Video Proof)

    What Did My Alt Ever Do To You Or Hack or anything else
    Well Thank You And GoodBye :mad:o_O:mad:o_O:mad:

    (I Feel Like A Mod Really Hates Me)

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    There you go, that's your proof. Have fun <3
  3. Awaition,
    we have proof of you hacking, and you were caught approximately 15minutes ago hacking in PvP on Factions. Joshie is not 'targeting' you, nor is he 'hating' you. Joshie has done his job correctly and this is Sufficient Proof to maintain your ban. Your alt was therefor banned for 'Ban Evading'.
    p.s. I was there in that PvP fight too, and witnessed it myself.

    ***Next forums post, please use the correct format.
  4. Thats Just Me Fighting While You Lag There
    =/ He Hit Me First Than i turned Back And ran To Use Splash Pots
  5. i honestly don't see hacks. Just incredible lag like he said.
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  6. You call that lag? His head is all over the place as soon as he comes into reach of his kill aura.

    Like I have stated before with Awaition, this isn't the first time he has been caught hacking, actually it's the third, which makes this more believable that it is hacks. Numerous staff have also agreed that this is hacks, it is pretty obvious.

    You can say it's due to lag or FPS, but either way the evidence is clean, you cannot see me or him lag at any given point, or in fact anyone lagging. There is no rapid FPS drop or lag spikes.
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  7. what pots were you needing to splash? he didnt hit you once so you clearly it wasnt health.. and there was no particles shown from Strength or swiftness even after you lagged.. you didnt throw a single pot during/ after your lag until you got hit on fire from Charliepaz and as you were chasing after Reappearing you then potted.. so there was no time of you holding, throwing or anything with the pot during your 'lag spike' i would be sticking with hacks on this one
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  8. Dude ___Joshieee___ Must of Had particles Off -.-
    And I was At 11/20 Hp so i Used Health pots
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    Well sometimes I lag cuz of my internet and sometimes i get intense ping while no one else does. That doesn't mean I hack.

    I think he meant he went to pot at the end when charlie hit him.

    TBH should have recorded longer
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  10. There's not much definitive proof in the vid, like Antsatme said he could've went to pot and accidentally hit Charlie instead with his sword. I do find this plausable, and we're currently working this out among the staff.
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  11. TBH I am with Josh you can't RANDOMLY turn around snap that way then instantly turn back around and continue running. It's just not feasible. If that's lag then I want my lag to turn me around and let me him someone quick then instantly turn around. Being an experienced pvper, this looks like blatant kill aura.
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  12. his particles are on from when you are hitting him with your sword.. so no pots were used with your head flick.. also if he did run away from you the whole 8 seconds the vide goes for.. not once did he hit you only Charliepaz did after.. so you didnt lose any health during the fight..

    if he was running which he clearly was through the whole 8 seconds and you saw him get away after your combo.. why would you then turn away from him and run away to use your health pots? he didnt hit you once through the whole 8 seconds so general pvp knowledge you wouldnt of turned away from him??

    from what i see i see hacks.. and from pvping i think it is hack
  13. TBH when I see ping, people just freeze and then suddenly do everything quickly in a second. With ping, your movements are never smooth.

    Dossy, I don't think he's talking about potting from Reaper, he's potting from when charlie hit him at the end.
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  14. So Whats The Answer
  15. Due to inconclusive proof you have been unbanned.

    Welcome back.
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