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Discussion in 'Archived Applications' started by XanderProtie, Jun 22, 2017.

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  1. Minecraft Username: xQpXander
    Date of application: 22-6-2017
    Age: 14
    Country: Belgium
    Server Ranks (Prison Mine Rank / Donor Rank):

    Main acount Huricane/ alt Huricane
    Do you meet all the requirements? If so, please provide a link to your punishment page from the ban website & the 2 player reports you have made.

    Do you have access to Team Speak & a working microphone?*

    Do you have access to Skype?*

    Do you have access to Discord?*

    Do you have access to record high quality videos?*

    Do you speak languages other than English? If so, please specify language & fluency.
    Yes i speak english and Dutch and french
    Where are you most active in the server?*
    Skyblock and Prison
    [If more than one, please rank from most to least active]
    Skyblock, Prison
    Have you made any previous staff applications? If so, specify a date.
    no i never made one
    [Must be 30 days from last denied application]


    How do you think you can make a difference for the network?
    Cuz i think the most staff from Amerika and australia you guys have a other time zone cuz i am from belguim i can be online on a other time zone and help the server/ people if you guys or sleeping

    How much time can you contribute to the server in a week?
    70 hours

    Do you have any past experiences in moderating? If so, please explain your experience and what you have learned. Yes i havea server on my own i know how to give / make ranks i know the Mute rules kick rules ban rules chat rules and i can work with all commands and plugins

    Have you ever been banned, muted or kicked on CycloneNetwork? If so, please explain why & what would have learned from this experience. I was muted 1 time cuz i was saying "100000000000000000"
    and yes i learnd from it

    How long have you been playing on CycloneNetwork?
    i think 1/2 years

    What is a mistake you have done in the past? What would you do differently today and what did you learn from it? I never made a mistake

    Tell us about yourself - What qualities/skills do you feel define you?
    This would include activities and hobbies outside of Minecraft. As well as skills that would benefit the team.
    my hobby's: karting, football, Playing Cyclone, develping on my server

    Anything else we should know?
    no realy
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    Dear xQpXander,

    This application was a good start and obviously can have some changes to perfect it.

    -I have noticed that your whole application is bold, it would be easier to unbold the responces as it would be easier to read.

    -Please provide a link to the 2 player reports and a link to your ban site

    -Do NOT have tags on your application

    -Please go back through, as I can see many grammer errors, as well as spelling errors.

    -Please elaborate on your responses... for example in the question stating, "have you ever been banned,muted or kicked on CycloneNetwork? If so, please explain why & what you have learned from this experience?" Please elaborate on what you did, and what you have learned from the mute.

    I wish you good luck with this application! :)

    Current verdict: -/+
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  3. Hey there.

    From me, your application has a lack of detail. It does not explain much with two sentences at most. Staff members want to know that you want to be a staff member! Also, the statements above explain much about what I would say.

    Good luck on becoming a Helper, Soxio
  4. Now, just as a heads up, this is merely constructive criticism; you aren't to take this personally.
    Remove the tags on your application.
    Please make your responses unbolded.
    Please be much, much more descriptive. I cannot stress that enough; it's a very large factor.
    Link your punishment page and two reports.
    Other than that, it could possibly be a very good application. It's great that you speak both Dutch and French.
    Current verdict: -
  5. Xander I think you would be a great staff member.
    But, it is not fully completed and also I is full bold which is hard to read for some people
    Good Luck I hope you get staff :p
  6. Mm i dont know i dont see you online a lot. and we live in the same timezone.
    so far +/-
  7. please add specific times on this, and I never see you online at all
    Current Verdict: +/-
  8. Hello XanderProtie,

    Currently, with the communities feedback and personal observation It's quite evident you are not as active as I would be lead to believe by reading this application, you also haven't shown very much detail, for those reasons your application is currently denied, you're than welcome and encouraged to reapply in 30 days.

    - Dylz
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