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Another Rank Name Change! (Donor)

Discussion in 'Archived Suggestions & Feedback' started by Quendistuu, Feb 6, 2016.


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  1. Hello members of cyclone/staff/people who are viewing this right now.

    Today i am on the suggestions page because i would like to make a suggestion for changing the rank names again. They are usually changed every reset, right? So why not in V4! I have decided, and thought up some new ones and i think they may look alot nicer, (Maybe) Or, You could make it so you can choose if you want the name to be the regulars or these new names that i have come up with!

    New Rank Names:

    Drought - Solar (&8)
    Rain - Sky (&b)
    Wind - WhirlWind (&a)
    Hail - Magma (&4)
    Hurricane - Storm (&6)
    Cyclone - Nova (&5)

    They may not seem like they fit together like the old ranks were just like storms and stuff, But i think they will work out just fine! Please leave a suggestion in the comments and see if you guys would like something like this to happen! Thanks, Exotixxxxxxx!
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  2. -1 I like the current ones
  3. I think the donor rank names should stay the same.
  4. ;#(
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