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Announcement | 6.0 Reset

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Hayden, Dec 18, 2016.

  1. Basically but you have gone through 1 reset. Most people like me have gone through 3 or 4. Quit your whining.
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  2. 6 :/
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  3. I've been here since V2 I think. Does that mean 5 resets for me?
  4. lol could i get one of my sb island
  5. #hype for poppies
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    My sixth reset which means I have been here since V1? HYPE! Cant wait for the new rank and especially getting to earn my way through the ranks on Prison.
  7. Although you probably cant remember me, I still think that it would be amazing for you to come back and play.
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  8. Approximately, how much will God cost?
  9. So there isn't a shutdown time, there isn't a beta start time, there isn't a global server opening timeand the staff only knows as much as we do. We're starting v6 in True dwiz fashion. well organised
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  10. I bet you that there isn't a reset and dwiz faked it so we all give our things away and destroy all of our stuff
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  11. Good for you
  12. just 4. i was here for the reset from velocity to cyclone network (V1).
  13. same, was here when it was called velocity. when dwizfizfoz had a youtube channel...
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  14. What year did Velocity become Cyclone? And how many resets did Velocity have?
  15. velocity had no resets. its only "reset" was velocity - cyclone.
  16. How do we get into the Beta? Is it just for staff members alone?
  17. This should answer your question.

  18. oh ok thanks pur <3
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  19. Gotta focus on school after this season, Year 12 is hard.
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