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Announcement | 6.0 Reset

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Hayden, Dec 18, 2016.

  1. why does everything have to be reset do you know how long I have spent on my island since I got addicted to this if it is all reset then you've lost a dedicated member of your network so if you do fuck you for wasting my time and have a merry Christmas.
  2. If it never resets, then a small amount of people will become super OP and ruin the eco, while not giving new players a chance to succeed. It will get boring and then people will leave.
    YAY :D
  3. Woah dude, resets are all a part of the server!

    Chill out, it's heaps of fun to re-build, and I'm sure there'll be an influx of both new and old players following the reset. Just more people you can get to know and have fun with ;)

    And hey.. did you see the new content being added as well??
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  4. I guess your right I'm just a bit annoyed because I was never informed that this could happen plus everything I achieved on it is just going to be wiped I might go back to it to look at the new content when its released but who knows.
  5. Second reset or third for me i cant count
  6. I'll be more than happy to give you a world download of your build?
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  7. I'm ready to erupt into this version!
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  8. Volc! Are you for real coming back?
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  9. I'll come on to say hi :D
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  10. I hope there will be a new KitPvP :) ?
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  11. no.
  12. Yes... :3
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  14. I wish the servers were in 1.9+ we've been stuck in 1.8 since V4 plz dwiz I beg u <3
  15. Most servers still are 1.8. However I do think it's time to update to 1.9, since it's been out for almost a year, and 1.11 has already come out.
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  16. sure that would be good.
  17. doesn't it get a bit annoying though
  18. Personally I like 1.8 - 1.8.9 more
  19. HYPE!!!!!! :eek: Can't wait #LitAf
  20. Do I come back or not?
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