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Announcement | 6.0 Reset

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Hayden, Dec 18, 2016.

  1. Nice! Gonna see how far I get in the prison ;D
    Also this is my 5th reset :D
  2. Come back :( I won't rip the eco again, son.
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  3. I Can't Wait To Get Back To Them Grinding
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  4. Does This Mean I Have To Come Back Leave A Comment Below Or Smash That Like Button On The Post Whether You Want Me To Come Back :D Best Of All -=+Sharkmatiix+=-
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  5. As Well Lets Get The #HYPE Trending On The Servers/Forum
  6. Better not dad ;)
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  7. Karri104 R You Coming Back
  8. ..............
  9. YAY!!!!!!!!
  10. Plan is to. :)
  11. You Come Back I Come Back
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  12. How much is the new rank and what is it called?
    Is there going to be a big Christmas sale?
    And y no more OP Facs :/
  13. "God" rank.

    And OPF only has 0-2 players on it whenever I go to collect my vote rewards. It is dead.
  14. Well, V6 is bringing back some veterans isn't it now? So pumped!
  15. if someone bought the beta pass for the last version, will they get beta pass automagicly for v6 or will they have to buy it
  16. Yes.
  17. Ok cheers Dwiz
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    Mr, you should let me a run a server wide pvp tourney before reset . Just like the old days, would help to get that hype going. ;)

    Love from,
    Chilli ❤️
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  19. Giving everyone creative and removing the regions tomorrow. I think that's good enough, lol.
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  20. DANGIT!