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Announcement | 6.0 Reset

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Hayden, Dec 18, 2016.

  1. Wasn't potato or god rank like cyclone rank back then?
  2. @Hayden how much does it cost for the new rank "god"
  3. not my fault
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  4. There hasn't been a decision made, it will not be ridiculously priced.
  5. @Hayden but its higher than cyclone was?
  6. Correct.
  7. Will the perks be even better than cyclone, or will cyclone and below be nerfed, and god will be the new cyclone?
    Huh, I always thought the main reason was to give everyone a fresh start.
  8. So there is no set time for the server being opened yet
  9. Weow, sounds like a real overhaul Hayden.


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  10. omg hi
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  11. omg hey ._. :)
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  12. My 4th reset here (Woukd have been 5 if I didn't rake a break bc of wifi issues)
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    So sad seeing everything being reset but whats coming looks great. Bring on the reset #HYPE
    Just a question if you did only use something you bought from the Cyclone store within the 2 weeks do you get that item or the thing you bought?
    e.g. Buying crate keys and getting an op pickaxe.
  14. Not sure if anything has changed since I was last here @Finn_Wallis, but usually if its a one off thing it stays a one off thing! But for your sake I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope otherwise! ;)
  15. ;) Thanks
  16. Can you do a giveaway for "God" rank. I don't want to have to buy another upgrade, Cyclone to God seems like it will be expensive. Please do a giveaway!
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  17. And here I am Just thinking of starting back up again xD..

    Haha guess ill wait till the weekend to get into it once again!

    Will you need prof of peoples purchases or do you have that all under control. Because Isn't one reason why those that have bought other items
    (other than ranks) never gotten them after a reset because it was to hard to track who brought what.

    Race is on for first God player!
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  18. no please don't remove them they are fun i wanted even more custom enchants PLEASE don't remove them
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  19. I guess I'm not quitting.
    Thanks for the reset before i quit :p
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  20. ALSO HYPE FOR TU46 on xbox...
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