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Announcement | 6.0 Reset

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Hayden, Dec 18, 2016.

  1. price for the new rank?
  2. small loan of a million dollars... XD
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  4. Also @Hayden will people who had potato or god rank in V1 get the god rank automatically for V6?
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  5. o
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  6. No blade's back! everyone run!
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  7. Don't worry death, you will be my slave, but I'll treat you better than Pur.
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  8. Maybe I could harass you all again, jk you're all awesome lol
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  9. Can't wait for the cow god to come back. Try making friends this version! We'd all love to work with the master.
  10. Yey I'll be unbanned ;p ( I do not hack anymore :3 I freaking sware )
  11. Oh a reset, what it mean? We've put all our spawners in fac and our base coords are 13k -13k
  12. Ok, basically, after the reset the spawners will be gone and so will your fac, I recommend just tearing it apart and have some fun with it! (jk)
  13. ;) hype
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  14. might have to come back and play... ;) hype
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  15. PLEASE. I doubt it but, I still have hope.
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  16. Erm
  17. Lol! So basically what you are saying is I am losing the 3 months of work I have invested into my island!!?? Awesome! Never playing on this moneygrab server again!
  18. Sure, lol.
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  19. Generally servers reset every 4 months, go find one that never resets and play with their zero player count.
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  20. The server resets to keep people from getting too rich and to stop them from breaking the server economy. *ahem* pur *ahem*
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