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Announcement | 6.0 Reset

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Hayden, Dec 18, 2016.

  1. Well, well... Hello, Cyclone! I've been sitting on this information since mid October and it is with pure joy that I can finally release the information that you've all been awaiting. This is going to be a long one so may I suggest getting a warm cup of milk, a cookie and your reading glasses. Let's jump right into it!

    I'll save you guys the trouble of skimming and state the main dates clearly at the start.

    SERVER SHUTDOWN: 21st, Wednesday
    SERVER BETA: 22nd, Thursday
    SERVER RELEASE: 23rd, Friday
    (All USA dates, 1 day ahead for Australians)

    Here are some global changes that effect the servers as a whole:
    • 1.11, 1.10, 1.9 and 1.8 Supported
    • Bans reset
    • New rank
    • Removal of OPFactions
    • Removal of Survival
    • Removal of Creative
    • Removal of Hub3

    Yes, there is a new rank. It will be called 'God' rank, it is going to be the last rank in the series and will give the purchaser the competitive edge on all others. The new rank and information will be rolled out upon release on the 23rd of December.

    | PRISON
    Prison will be have a completely new look with a new spawn and 24 new mines, not only will there be all the new aesthetics to enjoy but we're rolling out 30 prestige's with kits you'll be enjoying too!
    • Brand new spawn
    • Brand new prison blocks
    • Reworked the custom enchantments
    • Reworked the backpacks
    • Reworked crates
    • Reworked coinflip
    • Reworked kits
    • Reworked the withdrawl plugin
    • Added jackpot
    • Added rock papers scissors
    • Updated the AuctionHouse
    • Added block rewards
    • Chestshop limits have been added to reduce economy saturation
    • Gangs have been updated
    • PvPMine sell prices EXTREMELY buffed
    • Actionbar has been removed

    Skyblock will have a refreshed look much like the current one but more alive! With that edit there will be 3 brand new islands which will be showcased at spawn!
    • Refreshed spawn
    • Brand new islands
    • Removed custom enchantments
    • Reworked shop
    • Reworked crates
    • Reworked kits
    • Reworked the withdrawl plugin
    • Sped up hopper speeds
    • Added poppy's to the shop
    • Added jackpot
    • Added rock paper scissors
    • Added custom mob drops
    • Added item filter
    • Updated AuctionHouse

    Factions will be kitted with a completely fresh spawn which I'm sure you'll all love, in addition to that improvement there will be an epic KoTH ready to go on release!
    • Brand new spawn
    • Brand new KoTH
    • Reworked shop
    • Reworked crates
    • Reworked kits
    • Reworked the withdrawl plugin
    • Added jackpot
    • Added rock paper scissors
    • Added ftop
    • Added weapons vendor
    I am sure I have forgotten lots of important information but the rest if for you all to find out upon release!

    | APPLY
    We are current looking for more staff members, if you'd like to apply please apply here:

    | SHORT Q&A
    I've decided to put together a short Q&A to answer the most common questions. I will update this post as more questions come up to make everyone's lives easier.

    Q: What will not be kept with this reset?
    A: Money balances, mcMMO levels, inventories, enderchest contents, playervault contents, islands, etc will be reset. All purchases will be rerun if they were made after during the last 2 weeks, meaning that if you bought something 2 weeks ago to now, you will get it once the server resets regardless of what it was.

    Q: What will be kept with this reset?
    A: Ranks, cosmetics and perks purchased individually will be kept with the reset.

    Q: When will be able to join SkyBlock again?
    A: Some time on the 23rd. We haven't set an exact time yet.

    To those who have stuck around through everything and continued to be encouraging and helpful, you have my heartfelt thanks. Let's dive into this new beginning together!

    From the whole Cyclone staff team,
    Happy Holidays

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  2. HYPE
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    :D SO EXCITED!!!

    However I did see a prison reset coming for a while. I do wonder however what its gonna be like with chestshop limits. Ive been on a server with a limit before, and people used ingot shops instead of block shops. But the thing is, every prison server is prone to economy saturation, and theres really no way to prevent it. But most importantly, ADD INFUSION 3.

    Really excited for skyblock poppy shops, since those items are so worthless people would PAY to not have them :p. As for factions, wasnt it just reset not too long ago? I knew survival/creative/OPF would be removed. in fact, i even predicted it myself a while ago as well.

    Why not have an "end of the world" event, where all protection is removed and everyone has creative mode?
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  4. So hyped! :) Bring on the reset!
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    #Hype love the new Custom Drops Plugin, wonder who your dev, he must be a real OG
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  6. Feel free to add my public skype! isosceleslife
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  7. OMG What a cool Skype name, dude at me :)
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  8. MY FIRST RESET OMFG IM GONNA CRY!!! Gonna miss survival though... Also will their be a reset staff wave?? Pls don't get rid of anyones
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  9. This is my 6th Reset ;)
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  11. ill be sooooooooo sad
    when this server resets and will vote rewards be given agin when the server resets
  13. We're allowed to swear on forms
  14. Is it actually gonna reset on the 23rd or is Hayden gonna get lazy again ;)
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  15. Thanks for adding poppies to the shop, it was a pain in the ass.
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  16. this will be my 6th reset <3 thanks for a great server that keeps giving dwiz :)
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  17. So are you coming back? pls... <3
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  18. welp there goes creative(memories) heh oh well i guess ill reside to skyblock its the next best server on here HYpE
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  19. git ready to be my slave again :)
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