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6.0.1| Updates - Skyblock, Prison & Factions

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Hayden, Jan 23, 2017.

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  1. Legit though, when's next reset lmao. I'm going to be doing something special ;)
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  2. There wont be another reset for at lest a year. if not even longer.
  3. LOL,no, reset will be in a few months. It keeps the server going.
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  4. Knowing this server it will be next week
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  5. Don't start the rumors already about resets. Don't worry about it for awhile just continue having fun in V6! Still waiting for Kitpvp c:
  6. LOL I've had confirmation from Dylz and dwiz on it but anything can happen.
  7. Ok, I'm not sure if any server resets once a year, cyclone is on V6 in 2/3 years, a network would die if it reset yearly
  8. I'm sure the admins have many ideas planned for the future in V6 such as new game modes (like Kitpvp which they said would be February :c) can't forget about the 2 Popular YouTubers on the server currently which is p0wer0wner which mainly plays SB and of course Hades which is the prison player which those two players will keep V6 alive longer. I feel like V6 will be successful!

    Wouldn't be surprised if a big update comes within the next 2-3 weeks adding more bosses and such maybe even more custom spawners? I have a few suggestions in mind but this comment is too long and I ran off topic about this situation, but I'm sure I'll get bored and make a whole suggestion post xd
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  9. Servers going great for me so far. Keep up the good work, haven't run into any major issues at all :).
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