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6.0.1| Updates - Skyblock, Prison & Factions

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Hayden, Jan 23, 2017.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    The server has been out for officially 1 month as of now, that's crazy! This is the first update post from me since the release which is really shockingly bad, however, there has been lots of updates I'll list below. I really hate posting updates on the forums but it's a really good way to inform you all. I'll post an update when there's been a good amount of changes otherwise I don't think it's worth it, let me know if you want me to anyway.

    Here are some of the changes and updates we've made since the release 1 month ago:

    Yes, yes yes! We have custom bosses with skills! There is a low tier boss that spawns every single day on the skyblock server at the /arena, in addition to one being spawned everyday you can buy them on the store here.


    Custom Mob Drops:

    Something new we've added in this version are the custom mob drops, there are lots of spawners that don't drop that many cool items so we've innovated and created a custom plugin to drop certain items so we fixed this by adding super rare spawners that drop gems such as diamonds, emeralds, gold block and iron blocks! You can get these spawners from crates and bosses, enjoy.


    Custom Enchantments:
    You asked, we listened! We've brought back custom enchants. There are the bare minimum on the server right now but Dylz and I are working on creating more epic enchants for you all to enjoy! You can checkout the enchants by visiting the enchanter at spawn!


    Miscellaneous Updates:


    • Fixed and released the jackpot
    • Added powertool to gods
    • Added January crates
    • Added legendary key to kits
    • Added trails
    • Added a toggle scoreboard command
    • Added care packages
    • Refreshed the enchanter gui
    • Implemented a arena for the bosses
    • End frames are now worth 5000 island points
    • Spawners are now worth 100 island points
    • Added more announcements
    • Disabling acrobatics
    • Lapis added to autoblocking
    • Added free
    • Added refund back
    • Fixed sponge glitch
    • Refreshed the scoreboard
    • Added prestige
    • Increased the price of backpacks
    • Removed drill enchant
    • Fixed issue where you lost multi after prestigeing
    • Disabled crafting of god apples and hoppers
    • Added a chance for you to get 32 tokens
    • You now have a max of 30 power
    • Added IG's to ftop
    • Added lily pads and bones to shop
    • 6 hits to obby to break
    • Fixed issue where people could get trapped
    • Changed cooldown of kits
    • Disabled withers
    • Removed horses
    • Removed setting homes in claimed land
    • Added diamond blocks, emeraldblocks , ironblocks and gold blocks to the ftop
    • Added auto gen walls - you can craft these with iron and water buckets you can find how to make them at spawn
    • Added factions warps
    • Releasing soon
    If any of these changes are not currently active the server still needs to be restarted, these occur every day to keep the servers running smoothly.

    Thank you very much everyone, I hope you're all enjoying the server, we've put so much time and efforts in these updates for you all.

    Hayden & The Cyclone Staff team
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  2. Awesome! Keep up the good work Hayden + the other admins, it's going great.
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  3. slay me harder
  4. dood noice.
  5. I've read all the words, therefore I can post this message.
  6. Looks pretty nice so far, Kitpvp in February? Will this be dumb like v4 again or well balanced? ;)
  7. The server is great and I love seeing it updated and fresh. Keep it up! :)
  8. A lot of people have been asking about how to obtain End frames... anyone know or maybe i just missed it?
    also loving the new updates :D
  9. As of now bosses :)

    They will be added as rewards for some future things we have planned :)
  10. Whoop whoop keep updating it again and again and thank you all for making all of us enjoy our server.good luck and keep up the good work
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  11. Love the updates, keep them coming and nice work :)
  12. Thanks for the info ;)
  13. Rlly, you increased by prices, soft made a whole wall to LOWER them! xD
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  14. i love ALL of this except... increased backpack prices on prison? cus they were too affordable?
  15. As of yesterday, the legendary kits in kits in prison were not in
  16. I know its not a big part of skyblock but, why do away with acrobatics? I had just finished a acro grinder from build height to void. I just like building grinders for the mcmmo stuff. When ur bored its a nice change to do.
  17. Acrobatic skill has "dodge"as a skill which is extremely overpowered with the brand new bosses and overall gives a unfair advantage with it.
  18. I really love all theses Adds, Thx Dwiz :p
  19. Thanks for still believing in the dead factions XD <3
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  20. Yep thx xD :) Faction is so cool ... But sadly its dead ...
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