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4 layer cactus farm only?

Discussion in 'Skyblock' started by Foodeh, Mar 5, 2017.

  1. Hey there! Can anyone explain to me why we can only build a 4 layer island size cactus farm? If it was changed because of lag, its weird, because i have a crappy computer and when i had a 9 layer island size farm i rarely lagged. The cactus farm was really the only thing I was good at and it really wont be that much profit if we can only build a measly 4 layers.
  2. I believe this rule has been enforced due to how overpowering cactus farms can be. Setting a limit to the amount of layers you can build will ensure that the cactus farms don't become too large let alone game changing.
  3. The cactus farm was the only thing i could make that actually gave me money. I usually built the cactus farms to get money to buy igs, but now i have no source of income to buy those igs, unless I want to spend irl money.
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    You said it gets overpowered, but thats after tons of time and effort put in.Your farm doesnt become op in a day. It took me so long to get to 9 layers, through which I kinda no-lifed this server ;p. I think we should have a bigger limit, of like 6 or something.
  5. I'm not sure that will happen, however I do know that you can buy island upgrades that will increase the borders of your island off the server store, which is an alternative.
  6. Ugh this server is so p2w :/
  7. I believe this also was implemented partially due to trying to decrease the amount of lag the server has. If everyone built huge 12 layer full island size cactus farms, the quantity of entities it would generate would make the server lag into oblivion. If you had noticed at the beginning of the version the server had to be restarted ALL the time. I hope you can understand that it's not just because they are "OP", there are plenty of other ways to get income without cactus, like you said IG's. You can also use profit shops for good money.

    Your opinion was respectable to say the least but my conclusion is I doubt they would change the limit as it would forego any chance of the server not lagging.