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2V2 PvP Prison Tournament!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Dylz, Oct 7, 2017.

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  1. | 2v2 PvP Tournament

    | What? An event? When? Where!?!
    The event will be located on Prison, the event will be on 8 of October, 8AM AEST, 12PM GMT and 6PM EST (Keep in mind that Saturday will be Sunday for Australians). The event it a tournament that showcases the most talented PvPers on Cyclone Network, this event will be run by the one and only @Hayden (Dwiz) The teams will be random and once you’re allocated a team member you cannot change. Once the top 2 teams are left there will be two 1v1 tournaments to ensure the best PvPers are receiving their rewards, if you are the top team you will 1v1 your partner for first place.

    | Prizes!
    First Place
    $25 Buycraft Voucher + Ingame Items
    Second Place
    $15 Buycraft Voucher + Ingame Items
    Third Place
    $10 Buycraft Voucher + Ingame Items

    | Future Events
    We are more welcome to any ideas for events including more custom ones and even events that may last a couple of days or even be very difficult to make we are more interested in any ideas.

    - Cyclone Staff Team
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  2. Finally a event I can go to <3 Thanks <3
    Looking good :)
  3. Awh I suck at PvP xD. Sorry for anyone who needs to pair up with me :)
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  5. Dont u worry il think of some awesome events ;)
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  7. Oh yes I finally get to shit on noobs in pvp

    Aside from Blastt and a few others (pls don't hurt me)
  8. I better not get paired with Dwiz.
  9. Im looking forward to it
  10. Im confused, idk if its tonight or tomorrow. Its so weird
  11. I was the first person to die, do I get a reward?
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    I wouldn't die, but still get no reward
  13. Congratulations to the winners of the event

    1st place - Salve
    2nd place - Purur
    3rd palce - GunnerMC

    We hope to see you all in our next event !

    - Dylz
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  14. Now there must be something which went terribly wrong here. You see, because I am like so perfect in every way imaginable (and so totally not full of myself) I automatically win every tournament ever. Please send the prize money to my Paypal <3
  15. the mic has been picked up it seems
  16. Nah I just shouted like really, really hard...
  17. I can’t hear you man, The Netherlands is a whole other planet
  18. you arent good lol
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