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$12.50 Voucher Giveaway!!!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by bladerslashs, Jul 13, 2017.


Who is Pur

Poll closed Jul 20, 2017.
  1. A carrot

  2. a Carrot

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    I'm too lazy to type anything special because I'm going to quit Cyclone basically. Anywho, comment down your name and I'll PM you on the forums the extraspedecial code!! :D I'll pick the winner off of a randomizer in aprox. 7 days or so

    EDIT: Congrats on Shark_L on the win! Welcome back to Cyclone if you do buy the unban or give it away though. :p
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  2. ShadowPies

    <3 <3
  3. Randumly, although I don't know ya very well it's sad to see ya leave... Have fun wherever you go! :)
  4. The name's Iafayette! :)
  5. am lazzinesslol plez give meh da moneyz
  6. I am Soft_Potato

    Y U LEAVING?!!
  7. pur is secretly a platypus?
  8. Hm, k? Lol?
  9. Ign: Hydrolixx

    Btw: this is VERY nice of you Blade to giveaway your voucher. Grats to you
  10. IGN: Smitty_Jagerman

    Blade, I want to say congratulations first, on winning, but also congratulations on having such a nice and giving personality!

    I would be happy to get this giveaway as i don't spend on mc, just irl deals, therefore this would save me money in game.

    Good Luck to everyone!

    Also, why are you quitting? It's gonna be weird not seeing you on.
  11. IGn Lucy_69
    id like to win so i can buy my friend fly
  12. IGN: DaddyAxa

    Yes i changed my IGN to DaddyAxa.

    Also you see Pur is not a Carrot. Since he came from a toaster.If you come from a toaster you cannot be a carrot.
  13. He could be a toasted carrot... (Ignore this Blade, my ign is up higher, just a reply to that one ^^^)
  14. The server's becoming incredibly lackluster to me now with the stuff on the server. Overall it was the final thing to make me quit MC as a whole too lol maybe in the future I'd come on, but I doubt that'll come to be.
    He's actually a soggy one
  15. _taswer2_

    plez i want money
  16. Itz_Zayne is my IGN. Fingers crossed :D
  17. luis_atris' forums acc is broken RIP him *Note to self: Put in giveaway*
  18. Hope I get it It would really top my birthday