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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Hayden, Aug 20, 2016.

  1. Hello All,

    There are some things that must be said, you may be asking "swagofoz whay u neva do tha fix list 4 us 3 se wat u don?" well chap, I do a LOT of fixes behind the scenes and each little fix I do would probably be 100 lines of "fixes / changes / updates", I will generally only put the game changing fixes and new features into the updates on the forums in a post such as this.

    With that aside, I will be talking about the exciting stuff that everyone wants to hear about!

    We've increased our store's sale to an MEGA 60% off EVERYTHING storewide as a back to school sale, you can even purchase our brand NEW disguises and disguise packs on the store! We'll be adding them to all servers so don't worry if you cant get your favourite mob as a disguise! Keep in mind this will be the largest sale till christmas so go grab a deal at whilst you still can.

    Factions Admin Box Event
    There will be an admin box raid on factions all day, you will be tasked to find it and then raid it, if you record you will be given extra brownie points, what you can get from the admin raid...

    X1 Admin Item
    X1 Iron Golem Spawner
    X2 Blaze Spawner(s)
    X2 Zombie Spawner(s)
    X1 Skeleton Spawner
    X1 Cyclone Kit
    $200,000 In-Game Cash
    X80 mcMMO Credits
    X??? Diamond / Emerald blocks

    Enjoy the event, it will be running from when this post is made until the raid has been completed.

    Staff Update
    We feel as if the community should be informed about this. The Admins have decided to enforce a staff assignment system to eradicate the issue of too many staff being on one server. This system will make sure that the staff are evenly distributed among the servers. The admins have also promoted more Staff, and will continue to. Here are the assignments as follows and will be subject to change:

    Karri104 - Prison/Factions
    TheJackLC - Factions/Survival
    Edenette - Survival/Prison/Factions
    Beary818 - Prison/OPFactions
    Jyzo - Skyblock/Factions
    Volcanooo - Skyblock/Prison
    Jooooshie - Skyblock/OPFactions
    Dommehnoose - Prison/Factions/Skyblock
    Zogg - Prison/Skyblock *NEW*
    Rectangle - Skyblock/OPFactions *NEW*
    BritishMunkeh - Skyblock/Prison *NEW*

    Ecliipses - Prison/Survival
    Broanater - Skyblock/Survival
    iMajor - OPFactions/Skyblock
    Ekromerv2 - Skyblock/Prison/OPFactions
    Heren - Skyblock/Prison/Factions
    CosmoLG - Prison/Factions

    Congratulations to all the new staff members, we hope you stick around for a long time to come.

    Coin Flip
    This new feature allows you to create bets and challenge other players for a 50/50 chances to win double what you entered or lose it all.

    To start a coinflip type
    /cf create <price> heads or tails e.g /cf create 1,000,000 heads. This will deduct
    $1,000,000 from your balance and start a new game. 1 other player can then find your game from the coinflip menu (
    /cf) and play against you, also paying $1,000,000 to play. The winner will receive the total money that
    was contribute (in this case $2,000,000), and the loser, broke.

    Here are the commands for the new coinflip system:

    Type /coinflip to find players to play against.

    On Factions, OPFactions, Prison, Survival and Skyblock, we've implemented a new way to spend a little amount of cash for a chance to win big! The new lottery system allows players to buy tickets and the price of the ticket is entered into a pot, after 12 hours, 1 player will be selected to receive the entire pot!

    Type /lottery to see when the draw will occur, how much is in the pot and how to buy a ticket.

    Purchase a ticket with /lottery buy. The price varies per server.

    - Coin Flip has been added to all servers excluding creative

    -Lottery has been added to all servers except creative

    - Disguises has been added to Skyblock, will be on other servers soon

    - Gangs has been added to prison

    - Name tags are now 2.5% chance to be received from a voting crate

    - /wild has been fixed on both factions and opfactions, it will always work now

    - You can no longer sethome and tp in neutral territory

    - Hearts enchantment has been fixed on prison

    - You no longer say "leg" when typing lag

    - Removed the text which said donor received double rewards on all servers

    - You can no longer put the words "key", "crate" or "spawner" on an item using a name tag

    - Supply Drops have been fixed on both factions servers

    There were more but I have forgot to write them down.

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  2. Nice! keep the good work hayden :)
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  3. Nice!
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  4. Nice job Swagofoz
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  5. Awesome, keep it up Dad
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  6. Good Work :D
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  7. Thanks daddy!
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  8. I like gambling.
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  9. Sick!

    Tbh the new helper/admin thing doesn't really make sense to me. Are all perms going to be taken away for the helpers on game modes they're not designated to? Also I feel like Dom should be designated to skyblock still. I really only see Heren, Dom, Edennete & Major on skyblock. I think dom should be designated to the 3. Idk just a suggestion.

    Keep up the great work Hayden.
  10. swagofoz what u neva do tha fix list 4 us 3 se wat u don
  11. Amazing work :D
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  12. Can someone unban me i was unfairly banned and still havnt been unbanned :p ask heren or go to her profile i told her about it... HALP
  13. why did the crate drop timer get moved from every hour to every 3 hours? on opfactions
  14. This occurred on both factions, we did this as it was the same people each hour getting the crates and that we felt that they were too OP spawning every hour however we did increase the amount of items you receive per chest though to even it out
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  15. I dont see Staff on Survival all too much. Off and on. Never really steady. Although I do admit Survival players ask alot of questions and for help. So it may get annoying to staff.