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Monthly Voter Rewards

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Fire959fox, Apr 30, 2017.

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    Monthly Voter Rewards
    Hey Cyclone Network players, today I am writing this post to announce a new scheme. We will be introducing Cyclone Network buycraft vouchers for the top voters of each month!

    This will be starting on the 1st of May and the winners will be announced at the end of each month, they will receive a buycraft voucher for their efforts. The buycraft voucher may be used to either purchase an item or contribute towards a purchase from the Cyclone Network store.

    The winners will be contacted either in-game or in a forums message. In the event of two or more players having the same amount of votes at the end of the month the winners will be drawn at random.

    The Top voter will receive a $50 voucher
    The player with the second most votes will receive a $25 voucher
    And the player with the third most votes will receive a $12.50 voucher

    Good luck everyone! We are excited to see the results at the end of the month!
    So set those alarms and get voting. ;):p

    PS. Thanks Rectangle for helping with this post

    - The CycloneNetwork staff team

    May Winner's: $50 bladerslashs, $25 quinten5000, $12.50 AccioChocolate
    June Winner's: $50 Purur, $25 Lucy_69, $12.50 bladerslashs
    July Winner's: (not drawn yet)
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  2. This sounds like a great idea! It will really encourage voting and give non-ranked people a chance to earn a rank.;)
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  3. Awesome! I never vote, because I dont need it, but now LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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  4. But GoaT u have god rank XD. Also great idea!
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  5. Let's hope they can keep there promises and not lie to use again
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  6. Very Cool!
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  7. I must win now
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  8. Updated to say the prizes
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  9. Hype! Good luck everyone :) I'm excited to see the results at the end of the month! :D
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  10. Awesome!!
    GL to everyone
  11. I need to win this...
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  12. ive been suggesting this idea since i first came on cyclone network

    i literally remember messaging DenialMC (co owner during V1) about it
  13. Great idea! 1st and 2nd place prize amounts! Insane!
  14. dab
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  15. dont encourage this behavior >:O
  16. This is kinda bad in a way because you're making people do it for the voucher and not because they think the server is awesome.
  17. I vote randomly, but this doesn't make me want to vote every day. And besides, everyone can vote every day, but won't be online every day. But still, a nice extra boost for votes.
  18. Make up your mind. Is it awesome or bad?
  19. we are not making people do anything we are just deciding to reward our loyal players who choose to vote for and support our server
  20. Then in that case you shouldn't tell them until AFTER they win Now people are doing it for the prize
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