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Missing XP Glitch

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by PicklePopper, May 16, 2017.

  1. picklepopper666
    I was trying to claim a 40k xp bottle that i was showing people to sell, but when i did, it wasn't claimed and it disappeared
    grantCATlover has a photo of the xp, i will edit again when i can get the photo
  2. We need more information otherwise their is nothing we can reimburse you for nor do we know what would be causing this to happen, try to go into more depth of what happened, eg Location, if you put it in chests, any server restarts, if you were in god or not try to get as much detail as possible so we can reproduce the glitch.
  3. This is for the missing Exp I got a screen shot for you, that is all I got 2017-05-16_20.28.33.png
  4. I was grinding xp at Purur's blaze grinder. Then, i withdrew 42k xp so i could sell it to iSwofty. But i didn't take his offer from /trade, and tried to reclaim the xp. Then, i right clicked it, and it disappeared.
    So the xp disappeared after i canceled a trade, there was a lag clear about 30 seconds later. I wasn't in god, im only rain :p. so yeah
  5. I tested a bunch of scenarios using /trade and didnt have the outcome you did, what minecraft version are you playing ;c
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    wait, i think i may have logged out and went into 1.8.10 for a little, then went back to 1.11.2. idk i forget srry