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Mattias12334 ban appeals

Discussion in 'Archived Ban Appeals' started by Mattias12334, Oct 8, 2016.

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  1. Your IGN: Mattias12334
    Reason for Ban: Ban Evading
    Time & Date of Ban: 2016-10-08
    Name of Staff member who banned you: Hqx
    Why you should be unbanned: i have bean helping players with questions and requests. Last thing i did before i got band whas pvping a player that had glitchd into my base and IF i hackd he whas inviseble so killaura wodant work.
    Supporting Evidence [Optional]:
  2. I looked up your ban and it was listed twice, two minutes apart. I'm guessing it might be a case of erroneous double banning caused by delayed or absent feedback of the server and the second ban indelible and corrected by the staff member concerned. This however is just conjecture on my part.

    Your reasoning why you should be unbanned seems unrelated to the reason of your ban. Ban evading means this minecraft account shares an IP with a minecraft account that is banned. You are banned for being assumed to be an alt of this banned account. This might be based on just a shared IP and there might be additional clues the banned person is the same person operating the alt account.

    Since you can not present proof you are indeed not the same person without royally doxing yourself and the banned person, you have to present a plausible and tenable case based on circumstantial evidence, explanations and indications.

    I myself was banned for being assummed to be an alt of a banned player based on a shared IP. After presenting my case to the member of staff who banned me, my case was considered and after staff deliberation, I was unbanned. My main account, a different alt of mine, was then banned for ban evading as well, quite understandably as the ban system does not seem to present such information conveniently. I was subsequently unbanned when the member of staff concerned relied on the judgement of staff in the previous, related case.

    After being acquitted, I was however banned again for ban evading in a case of double jeopardy. I am awaiting a ruling. So your milage may vary.
  3. so what will happen?
  4. In the bans page, I had banned you the first time then IP-Banned you to make sure you didn't keep ban evading. I was in the hub when I had recieved a notification that you were an alt of a banned player. I am currently discussing it with the rest of the staff and we will reach a verdict soon.
  5. how it it possible to be a alt of a band player?
  6. Do you understand what an alternative account is Mattias12334?
  7. Okay, that's good.

    To answer you question "How it it possible to be a alt of a banned player?",

    Your account is assumed to be an alternative account of another account that has been banned, i.e the two accounts may come under the same IP address or it could of just been a accidental ban by the staff member.
  8. ok, but i don't have anyone in my house playing minecraft
  9. Have you either:
    - stayed over a friends house and played on your minecraft account at their house
    - have two minecraft accounts and are just denying it
  10. ye, i stayed over at friends hous and he got ip baned so i get i got it asvell?
  11. Well there you go, that's the information we needed! :)

    An IP ban means that any minecraft account linked to the IP address gets banned. So if your friend got banned when you were over their house, you would of been under his IP address at the time which is why you got banned.

    So unless you can give proof/evidence of the two accounts being separately owned, you will just have to wait until staff get back to you about this case. Your last option would be to purchase a unban from the server store, at the low price of $13.12 AUD (if it's your first unban purchase).
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