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LifeOfGaming01-Staff Application V3

Discussion in 'Archived Applications' started by Life01, Mar 18, 2017.

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    LifeOfGaming01/Taylor's Staff Application V3
    They say 3rd times a charm

    IGN (InGame Name): My IGN is LifeOfGaming01, known as Taylor.

    Date of application: Started on 17/03/17 finished 18/03/17.

    Age: I am 16 and my birthday is on 15th February.

    Country: I live in UK, England.

    Time zone: GMT -1

    InGame ranks: I am God Rank

    Have you any past staff experiences? I have experiences of 2 servers in the past.

    Both my experiences have had me as a 'Helper' and while I was Helper it was a very fun experience and I learnt many things throughout, I have learnt to discipline myself if somebody continuously annoys me and how to sort out problems in different scenarios.

    During my first experience I retired due to me not enjoying the specific server any longer. In my second experience I was demoted due to inactivity and I deeply regret that I didn't come on enough. If I am promoted on this server I assure I will not make the same mistake. (Used in my last application and I didn't change anything because I still feel the same about regreting my doings in the past also because I haven't got staff on any other servers since I made my last application)
    From the experience I have learnt to use suitable commands at the right time for example if someone is getting accused, use /v and record.

    Do you have Teamspeak, Skype and a microphone? I have teamspeak and a microphone but I don't have skype, if I need skype to be staff then I can get it.

    Have you ever been punished on Cyclone Network? I have been punished quite a lot in the past, but the worst punishment was being banned for griefing another member of cyclone network. I did this because this member had previously annoyed me and done several things to me in the past, but after my ba
    n the first thing I did was apologise to the victim. I still regret my action to this day thinking that it may have an effect if I want to be staff.

    I have changed a lot since i've had the thought about being staff & haven't been punished since.

    How long have you been playing on CycloneNetwork? I have been playing on cyclone since August 2016(Early V5 on skyblock).

    When are you online most of the time? Im active on the weekdays when I come back from school which is at 3, until when I feel like doing something else, like going to play football/soccer. As you can tell I spend alot of time on this server and it would mean alot if I got staff.

    Do you have the ability to record minecraft video? Yes, I do

    Where are you most active on CycloneNetwork? I am most active on Skyblock but I come online on both prisons & factions at times

    Tell us about a time you made a mistake? How did you deal with it? What did you learn? One time I made a mistake was on Cyclone Skyblock V5, a new person to the server continuously spammed me asking for money and I ended up continuously spamming him back and got kicked for it. Later on this happened again, but this time I used help-op and they sorted out the problem for me.

    Have you made any previous applications? This is my 3rd application, i've had 2 previous applications both that were denied due to my previous punishments

    Anything else we should know? I just wanted to say that I feel cyclone are lacking on staff and I really wanted to contribute towards that problem, I was online a few days ago and some people were advertising I continuesly used /helpop but there were no staff online so someone had to go report the advertiser manually. Im also very good when it comes to catching hackers because I used to hack myself a long time ago which gave me experiences on how people would act if they hack.

    Thanks for reading my application, make sure to comment on any areas I can improve on
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  2. nice m8 life for staff
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  3. I don't see any spelling mistakes nor grammer mistakes. Add some more detail in and maybe put another question in for example "When are you on?"
    Best of luck
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  4. #4 Life01, Mar 18, 2017
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    • Added another question about when I am most active
    • Fixed a glitched paragraph
    • Added little information on my previous staff experiences.
    • Fixed grammar mistakes(tell me if you spot anymore so I can correct it)
    • Told more about myself
  5. +1 Good detail
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  6. I see a few grammar mistakes (Hint: The word that should be apart and not together and really triggers me.)

    Although I don't see any other major mistakes in your application so all I'll say is good luck Life!
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  7. Hint out a few grammar mistakes so I can fix them, also I fixed that glitched paragraph <3
  8. i have seen worse
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  9. Seen worse of what?
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  10. Hey Life! Nice application, I don't seem to see any spelling or grammar mistakes which is good. However there are things that could be improved, for example what commands did you learn or use whilst you were helper on other servers. Why do you think you would be a good fit in the staff team etc. Finally make sure to keep your punishments low as you have been denied a couple of times due to your behaviour.

    Apart from that good application and good luck.

    Your Friendly Llama,
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  11. I can spot a few SPAG errors, but other than that, what more can I say, a great mate with a great application,
    good luck buddy, -Henry.
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  12. Thanks ❤️
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  13. Added a bit of information on my experience. I appreciate the suggestion ❤️
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  14. Check the answer for "When are you most active?"
  15. Nice to see, great application Life! I enjoyed reading it but it hurt my eyes with bold answers and questions. Good Luck!

  16. good luck +1
  17. Thanks, also loving your profile pic ;)
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  18. Idk wot to write.

    u made spellin mistakez evrywhere and it sukz u wont be staff
    (I didnt read it all i just stared at it for a few seconds)
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  19. :p I can't find any spelling mistakes
  20. Hey Life, great application.
    I see you online a lot, especially when there is no staff.
    Would love to see you banning those advertisers when there's no other staff.
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