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KnightKiller2000 Staff Application

Discussion in 'Archived Applications' started by KnightKiller2000, Dec 18, 2016.

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  1. IGN (InGame Name): KnightKiller2000

    Date of application:
    The current date is the 16/10/16

    Age: I am age 12

    I live in England

    Time zone: My Time Zone is GMT

    InGame ranks (Mine rank and Donation Rank,only if you have one): I am cyclone and have a mine rank of Drogon but that will change with the new update coming soon.

    1. Why do you want to be staff?: I would like to be staff for the opportunity of helping people on the server who are struggling just like I was when I joined in V2. I believe this role would help the server and me. Me because I love helping people and the server because I would be able to be active for as long as I possibly can each day and that is what is lacking. The amount of time staff spend on the server. I would like to be staff because of the simple mean of helping other players grow into the community. The staff role for me would be everything to me I have been active for so long and I have been trying for so long and I have finally realised where I was going wrong in the previous application. The chance of being staff would help me the server and the other players. That is why I would like to be staff in the nearby future.

    2. Describe how you think you could make a difference on CycloneNetwork as a Helper: As a helper I would dedicate everything I have towards the server. (My time, My help and my enthusiasm.) I see most staff and they are not overly enthusiastic about the role that they play on the server and if they are not enthusiastic then that makes the difference from a Staff and a good Staff member. I would be an enthusiastic member of staff towards the server and help people no matter what the task. (Just not giving money or other items or ranks.) I believe that if I became staff I would make the difference and show that difference as well. I would be active on chat and other parts of the server instead of just staying on one main server all the time. I would be a fare member who will make sure that they are telling the truth before any further action is taken to help the player. This role for me would help the server a great deal. I would constantly check for glitches and exploiters. And any I find will be banned temp or perm depending on how bad it was. I would be active on the forums checking the reports and other subjects. if I ever get promoted I would help out with the roles I would have if that was to happen. I would be able to us the commands. (/warn, /mute and so on.) I would make sure that the punishment is fare and I will constantly be checking the forums in case anything major comes up.
    The role of a Staff member would mean everything to me and I would enjoy helping other players out when they need it. I would support the server in every way possible. I would always give 100% of my effort towards the server and always help the people who need it. If it is something that I know I am not capable of I will contact a higher member of staff to come and help me. That Is why I would make a difference on the server.

    3. Have you any past staff experiences? If any, then please describe(DO NOT post other server IP's):

    4. How long have you been playing on CycloneNetwork?: I was once a mod on a very un popular server so lets just say no I have never had a staff experience and this would be a first for me.

    5. Have you ever been banned, muted or kicked on CycloneNetwork? (If so, then why?):
    I believe I was one muted in V2 for advertising my shop on my plot but that was ages ago and a unattended mistake.
    6. Do you have Teamspeak and a microphone?:
    Yes I do have TeamSpeak and a fully functional microphone.
    7. How active are you on CycloneNetwork?:
    I would say 3-6 hours a day if possible.
    8. What time are you most often on? (Your time): I would be mainly on at 3:00 P.M. (GMT) to 7:30 P.M..

    Thank You For Reading -KnightKiller2000
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  2. Please keep the color consistent so it can be easier to read.
    Please proof read your app, I see many errors.
  3. So fix it?..... When someone says its not in the right format, that doesnt mean leave it how it is.
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  4. I am trying to get in touch with an admin such as @Dylz to delete this application for me.
  5. You can just edit it.. can't you?
  6. Oops wrong post
  7. Yep but I would rather just have Dylz to delete it for me because there is no point of me applying.
  8. You mean you don't want to apply anymore or do it in aa new thread?

    Btw pls don't sue me for asking you to much. I'll give you foot...

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  9. Nahh I have been trying since V1/V2 and after all this time I realised that they seem to only accept members who are over 15. Sadly I am 12 :p so I am just going to stay with my Cyclone rank instead of trying to get staff.

  10. Ayy lmao I am 12 shh I put my account as 17 cuz last time I don't know how to date ;)

    Wow... Cyclone rank how lucky. I can't cuz I am not allowed to buy purchases in games even if I pay because of "restrictions":)
  11. Lmao I just hope I can upgrade to god but all the money I have spent on this server I have had to pay my parents back for D: But I guess it is worth it.
  12. Meh at least your parents allow you to pay and buy them. Liek I cri evrytme
  13. Pur is 13 and is a great staff member.
  14. You have applied 5+ times. Each time you ask someone to delete the application. If you consider applying again, please think it through.
  15. If you're going to apply and then just quit, why apply at all?
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  16. Application Denied.

    Thank you for your interest in applying for a staff position on our team. However, at this time we feel it is best to deny your application as a staff member. We are looking for well-rounded staff members who put detail in to how they would contribute to the network in-game and on the forums. From this, we expect continued activity after positing an application, active forum posting and helping other players around the network.

    Tips for improve if you decided to reapply in 30 days:
    • Provide more detail to your responses to help us get to know you better as a person.
    • You have your points done, however they are not expanded on & is hard to understand.
    • Continue to be active after posting a staff application.
    • Active forum posting & helping others around the network.
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