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Irl deal scam with captaincurt - harry1625

Discussion in 'Player Reports' started by harry1625, May 13, 2017.

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    My IGN: harry1625
    IGN of reported player: captaincurt
    Time and Date: 21:20 GMT 13/05/17
    Which rule did he break: Rule #14 Scamming is not allowed
    Explain briefly what happened: He agreed to an irl deal which included him buying me drought rank and me giving him 1 trillion and 1000 tokens. He said he would do so but he needed me to pay him the tokens first of all. I had just got scammed a few minutes ago for 1,500 tokens and I didn't have evidence so I wanted to make sure it wouldn't happen again so I asked him to clarify in chat and I screenshoted this clarification. I never got the drought rank.
    Support evidence: The attached file that comes with the thread is the evidence of me asking for his clarification.

    Attached Files:

  2. Please follow the correct format.
    Without proof you won't be able to get ur items back sorry
  3. Can I make a new thread with the correct format?
  4. No, Just edit this one
  5. Is that correct?
  6. This doesn't explain if you even gave the things or not. Do you have video proof?
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    No, I was told a screenshot was enough evidence. Is there anyway I can do anything else or do I not have enough evidence to get my tokens back?
  8. I think what you heard from was many screenshots of the trade, the deal, and possibly the credit card statement.