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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Sharkmatiix, Apr 18, 2017.

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    Hello fellow members of Cyclone Network as you all may know me I can become quite angry and I'm quite sensitive, so I'm going to set my self my own challenge. If I get No warns, mutes, kicks or bans I will be giving away 6 Keys and 300 tokens, there will be a total of 12 lucky winners.

    What are the keys?
    I will be giving away: Vote key, Uncommon key and a rare key on to 3 lucky winners on sb and on prison I will be giving away
    Vote key, two uncommon keys to 3 lucky winner as well has 300 tokens to 6 lucky winners 50 tokens to each lucky winner

    You have until Friday 8 PM to enter and the winners will be announced on Friday 8:15

    Comment your name below or find me on prison or SB to tell me that you want to be entered

    The following players have entered

    1. Lucy_69
    2. MiToCam
    3. Lexy_Panterra
    4. ThiefCreeper100
    5. Liquidn7
    6. Benjaminhack
    7. SlothOnCaffeine6
    8. Promethiux
    9. Zayth_
    10. iTsSegev
    11. Dary98_FTW
    12. Zassassin
    13. KoalaOnCaffeine6
    14. GabeCity10
    15. BaconStix
    16. iPwnageLOL
    17. ToxicMoonkey
    18. arnevisser
    19. PandaaaMC
    20. sidq_XD
    21. ProGunner1
    22. Minecraftmon
    23. RedCyberWolf
    24. xQpXander
    25. Maxxeh
    26. superdiego
    27. Tuckersteward
    28. x3Henryy
    29. ArbolConHojas
    30. Jeff_The_Geoff
    31. 2005EnderDragon
    32. cowboynic20
    33. dellley
    34. smokinleaves
    35. njziebold
    36. Goat_The_Goat
    37. HYDROLIXx
    38. Soft_Potato
    39. AkanaKitsuneNeo

  2. GabeCity10, ty shark
  3. Np Your entered
  4. ToxicMoonkey
  5. You're now entered
  6. I am here and ready to enter! My IGN : BaconStix

  7. You're entered too
  8. He he! I'm entered :p
  9. [​IMG]
  10. There is a typo: "Comment your name below or fine me"
  11. Somehow I found this :D
  12. Thank you I realised that yesterday but den I had to go to bed. I've changed it now
  13. GoaT_The_Goat

    Good luck
  15. Enter me!!! I'm Soft_Potato, I think I need this more, I hold the record for most bans/kicks/mutes/warnings in a week!
  16. Its nothing to be proud of
  17. Learn to joke GoaT_The_Goat.

    aaayyyyy that rhymed
  18. I'd like to join. Ign: AkanaKitsuneNeo
    (The cool god on Skyblock)