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FwoFwo21's V2 Application for Staff

Discussion in 'Archived Applications' started by ChrisPlayz, Dec 29, 2016.

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    ChrissPlayz' Staff Application!

    1) IGN(InGame Name): ChrissPlayz otherwise known as(old IGN's): FwoFwo21, itz_Fro21, BatmanBacca21, gatoradebatman21.

    2) Date of application: December 29th, 2016

    3) Age: As of now I am currently 14 years of age.

    4) Country: United States

    5) Time zone: Pasific Standard(PST)

    6) InGame ranks (Mine rank and Donation Rank,only if you have one)
    Currently I am rank [Rain] and my mine rank on Prison is J.

    7) Have you any past staff experiences? If any, then please describe (DO NOT post other server IP's)
    Yes, as of now I have been staff on two servers, one with about 110 members per day, 20-30 being active and another I was Co-Owner but was rather small with about 10 active members.

    1. My first staff oppurtinity was a success and was on a rather small server. On this server started off strong by joining the first conversation. They heard my beautiful, squeaky voice and we talked about the server, gave suggestions, built a bit and had to stop this one hacker that was using kill-aura. One month later I was bumped up to the next rank, on this server being Helper(first rank called "InTraining"). Throughout the process of getting from the rank "InTraining" to Co-Owner, the second highest rank, I learned many things like staff commands, how to enforce rules fairly but with an iron fist, how to stop hackers(we didn't get many), how to give new ideas for the server and how to multitask. I know for a fact one of the most important elements of becoming a staff member is multitasking. In the /sc(staff chat) dm's, party chat and the public chat. But I learned to look for key words in the things people are telling me and I type quickly, so I give a quick response. I also know reporting bugs, replying to threads on the forums, being active on TeamSpeak, joining Staff conversations and giving new ideas for the server are also important and I can do that as well. Back then I wasn't the maturest of them all, I will admit that, but over time I learned how to mature and how to keep up with chat. I learned about a special chat for people who need help(like /helpop on Cyclone)which on this server was /ms(/messagestaff). I also learned how to keep up with all 5 chats, which include public, private, party, staff and help chat. Multitasking is always a must as a staff member, is what I definetly know. This server closed in 2014.
    2. My second chance for staff was another successful one, where I became a Moderator in 3 months. With this staff oppurtinity on this rather smaller server, it was a Skyblock server. On this server, other than learning how to help the community and how to multitask, I didn't learn many commands, as this server was a Vanilla Skyblock server.

    8) Do you have Teamspeak, Skype and a microphone?
    Yes, I have all three. I have a $10.00 mic and I have two skypes, one private and one public. I may release my public skype to some people so they can reach me incase of hackers, glitches, etc.

    9) Have you ever been banned, muted or kicked on CycloneNetwork? (If so, then why?)
    No, I have never been banned muted or kicked on Cyclone Network .

    10) How long have you been playing on Cyclone Network?
    I joined during mid V2 and joined V5 and had to take about a 7 month long break due to wifi issues but now that it was fixed, I have joined Version six and become an active member again. I hope that Version Six will become my most active version of them all!

    11) Do you have the ability to record minecraft video?
    Yes, I do have the ability to record a minecraft video and I also already have a youtube channel. I will use this youtube channel to post any hackers, glitches, etc.

    12) Where are you most active on CycloneNetwork? The server I am most active on Cyclone Network is Skyblock, though I so tend to pop up on prison about 30 minutes a day. I tend to go on Skyblock around 3-8 hours a day. I like to help people on Skyblock, do coinflips, rock paper scissors', have people check out my island, build people farms, and mainly, have fun! I try to welcome as many people as I can but sometimes the chat gets hectic and I miss their welcome message. I feel making people feel welcomed makes them want to play on the server, and that always helps with making the server gain in popularity and improve!

    13) Tell us about a time you made a mistake? How did you deal with it? What did you learn?
    Looks like it's story time. One time I made a mistake is back in 2014. I thougr it was just another normal day, but as I walked to my MESA period, this is where things went wrong.

    As I was walking to MESA I was with my friends buddies and we all sat at the same table as our MESA teacher was pretty cool, she let us eat in class and sit wherever we want.

    As she said "Everyone come outside for instruction on your next project"; this is where things took an interesting turn.

    Someone said "Yo, let's stay in class and play on our phones." Everyone said yes and even though inside I would completely deny this, I didn't say anything as the majoriry said yes and they would eventually peer pressure into me staying(now I know how to deal with peer pressure).

    15 minutes later, nothing happened and I was relieved because it looked like we were going to be okay as our teacher would probably return in about 5 minutes.

    At this point, I jinxed myself; because the vice-principal walked in to see where all the noise was coming from. When he saw us, we didn't even argue and turned ourselves in.

    When he asked "Why didn't you guys go with your class?" I didn't want to give my peers a chance to evaluate the question, and I just answered honestly "We didn't want to go because we already knew the instruction." Luckily, the principal took a look at me, and asked for my name. He looked at my records and saw my Student of the Months, Principals Honors, 4.0 GPA and he let us off the hook. Though he did say, "Consider this a warning. This will not be tolerated if you do it again."

    I was so relieved when it was in order. What I learned is that that I should make sure to hang out with people like me and people who don't break the rules, instead of hanging out with the cool group.

    14) Have you made any previous applications, if so how many and what is the date of your last one?
    Yes, I have made a previous application and the date was January 23, 2015. I believed through this year gap I have matured and I am ready to reapply.

    15) How do you think you can make a difference as a Cyclone Network Staff Member?(added-optional)

    I feel that I can make a difference as a Cyclone Network helper for many reasons. For one, I have experienced(reference to the bank note glitch)a time where I accidently renamed my bank note, and I couldn't redeem it. So I thought of the next best thing. I tried /helpop and absolutely no staff were online at all. As a Cyclone Network helper, I plan on being very active and as helpful as I can. By the way, about three hours the issue was resolved by Dylz so don't be going around trying to get someone to help me :).

    If you ask anyone on Skyblock if I am someone helpful, most will say yes. If anyone needs help either building something or any commands, or are confused about something I usually respond or teleport right away. For instance, if someone asked "How do I check my island level"which a lot of people do, I usually reply. If you know me, you know for a fact alot of people direct message me. I say it all the time because it's true. Half people asking to let them mine or too coop them, half asking for help, as they know I will help. For instance, this person "Arcadia" needed help with a cobblestone generator as Arcadia needed help with the redstone. I was willing to help for no money, and I finished. Then, his cobblestone generator was still broken, so I fixed it with no pay. There are many instances like this where I love to help people.

    Another way I feel I can make a difference as a Staff Member on Cyclone Network is giving new ideas. New ideas are always important for the growth of the server. In fact, I already have some threads where I have given ideas. I am willing to share my ideas in staff conversations, as I have many I would love to see implemented to the server. As the server grows, I feel new things should be added so it can keep growing. New ideas and usual updates are important for the growth of the server.

    In continuation to all of those, other ways I can make a difference as a staff member, is helping other players. Now, it seems like I mentioned this topic, although I have not. This is different then helping people build. This is like as in griefing, glitches, hackers, basically helpop in one paragraph. Now, if you don't know what helpop is, helpop is a commandm people use if they need help with something, mainly bugs, and hackers. Now it has happened to me before when there was a hacker on the server(was already reported)and I tried helpop and no staff were online. So what I had to do was report then, which I didn't do because there was already a player report for him/her on the forums. My point being, as a staff member on Cyclone, I will make sure to be active and help players that need it.

    One of the many other ways that I plan on helping Cyclone Network is too decrease the amount/stop hackers. To be honest, most bans on this server are chargeback but occasionaly there are hackers, most found in PvP but sometimes theres mob-aura, auto-click, etc. I have a recording software so I am prepared to stop any hacker if necessary. I am aware of the many ways someone can get banned from the server. Although helpers cannot ban, I can still notify an Administrator to ban a certain player for hacking and provide my proof.

    One final way that I plan on changing the server is making sure too moderate the server to the best of my ability. I know that all type of staff do warnings different ways but what I will do is warn them once, without /warn, using the public chat but if they do not listen, then I will proceed with a warn. I am aware of the many ways of making sure people are following the rules, like with socialspy and making sure dms are also appropriate. Now, I know for a fact, when staff are not online, especially in my timezone, the chat will get crazy. I have seen instances of cursing, advertising and spam whilst no staff members are online. My solution as staff, is making sure I am active. I can cover my timezone, because sometimes, almost everyday from 6:00am-8:00a.m no staff are online, whilst I am. Even though I'm not staff at the moment, I try my best to tell them too "chill", for instance "chill with the spam", or "chill with the red chat". As a staff member I can moderate the server more well, and maybe more people will listen too me, as when I tell some people too stop something as a normal player some just say "why should I listen too you?". As a staff member on Cyclone, I will make sure too moderate all chats, even dms. Instances of innapropriate dms are dm spam, bypassing chat filter, etc. As mentioned above, I am aware of the many ways I can warn someone, some of the many include letter spam, symbol spam, staff disrespect, player disrespect, using red chat, advertising, character spam, language, keep it PG, spam begging, no sending links, bypassing chat filter, etc. I am one of those staff members who does 1/3 to warn the player when they will be muted or kicked.

    Although I'm not exactly "mini-modding" because people think that's soo bad, I try my best too keep the server appropriate during hours rhat staff aren't online. I'm not exactly a staff member, which makes it a little harder, but if I got staff, I could manage the server and it's appropriatness much more easier.

    16) Anything else we should know?
    Yes, I have some things I'd like to mention. I would like to share my schedule, my usual AFK times, facts about me, etc.

    Well, first I'd like to give you my schedule for the times I am usually online Cyclone.
    Monday-Friday or School Day:
    6:40-8:00a.m 6:30p.m-9:00p.m
    Holidays and Weekends:
    7:00-10:00a.m 1:00-9:00p.m

    Usual AFK times:

    Monday-Friday or School Days:
    8:01-6:30a.m and p.m 9:00-6:40 p.m and a.m

    Now I'd like to give some insight on me!

    • I love animals. I have a cat and a dog:).
    • I am looking into becoming either a YouTuber or a teacher.
    • Need help with something? Need that pain in the butt automatic melon farm built? Just dm me, we'll settle on a price and I'll do it! The message is I love to help people!
    • I love doing coinflips, rsps and jackpots.
    • I would consider myself as responsible, loyal, kind, respectful and mature.
    • My favorite outside activity(ies) is running, swim and golf!
    • Sometimes if I can't be online I'll be on Minechat
    • Don't hate, but Math is my favorite subject! As I said, we all have out opinions.
    • The first thing I would do is go on cyclone when I get home from school, but sometimes I have to do homework first then cyclone, though I still have around 5 hours of play time a day.
    Thanks for reading my application. I am grateful for any feedback you leave me.

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  2. enthusiastic player ingame ,helpful friendly and also honest person.... would certainly be a prolific addition to the staff team
    The app is quite appealing and well organized have done well with the colors and theorically added detail
    Good job Fwo
    ~Regards SubtleRain~
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  3. Thanks for the positive feedback Sub, see you on Skyblock!
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  4. Great application plus one for me!
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  5. Thanks for your positive feedback :).
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  6. Updates:
    • December 29 2016: Fixed error on when the application was created to 2016 instead of 2017.
    • December 30 2016: Added Question Numbers. Added more detail to Question 7.
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  7. P
    This is a good looking application, and you look like a good canidate. Lol, then you'll have to deal with me. (Just ask Pur lol.. I think Ice_Raven has a more "Interesting" insight on me, Pur seems more forgiving.) Riperoni.
    Where the hell do you live? South America?
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  9. Oh.. RIP. What type of school do you go to that operates 6:40-8am, and 6:30-9pm? I mean, in America I am kind of used to around
    7:40 (school starts, I need to get on the bus by ~6:45) - 2:40pm (err so) (I get home around 3pm)
    Is it also under the YRE format?
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  10. My school opens at 8:15 and I get there around 8:10. I get home around 4:30 then homework, then cyclone.
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  11. Ooooh, wait I thought the times you gave were you schools times. (the ones that you are on cyclone.)
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  12. Updates:
    • December 31st: Added more insight on Question 12, fixed some grammatical errors.
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    The New Years Update

      • Happy New year to you all!
      • Added more detail to Question 7 on both parts.
      • Added what I will do with my staff application on Question 1.
      • Added Question: How do you think you can make a difference as a staff member? (Question 15)
      • Added more insight on Question 16.
      • Increased size of questions and added title.
    Changed username to ChrissPlayz
    Added more insight on Question 15, about helping other players.
    Added more insight on Question 15, about moderating the server.
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  14. This is a mistake that I've made, but instead of making small updates, just keep editing your last "update" and only make new posts if it's major.
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  15. Good Luck Chris XD :p
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  16. You really deserve to be staff.
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  17. Thanks Death I will really take this into consideration.
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  18. Thanks Yolo! I really appreciate you taking a look at my application!
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  19. Sorry didn't see you xD Thanks for the reply!
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  20. Very friendly and active player in-game. Best of luck Chris!
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