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Farewell to a great friend

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Sharky, May 12, 2017.

  1. So I just heard bad news yesterday about one of my favourite friends who passed away as you all know @The_Pack He IGN was Itzvylenix
    He was very ill he got taken to the hospital later on he died at the hospital please make this friendly this is why he hasn't been on cos he passed away :( Right now I'm really upset
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  2. I haven't known him on a personal level but from my experiences with him he was a really nice kid, he never wanted to cause harm or anything. When tragedies happen such as this it makes you think of life from a different perspective and prompts you make the most of life while you can, which unfortunately some people nowadays don't appreciate. My condolences to your friend, my prayers go out to him and his family.
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  3. Ty Dom I appreciate it
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  4. I knew ItzVylenix quite well and we had many fun times together. It is a real shame that he has passed away and I give out all of my love to him and his family. Things like this show how nice a community cyclone network has as although I never knew him personally. I became very good friends with him by talking to him over Cyclone. I hope he is in a better place and he will always be in our hearts. Rest in peace ItzVylenix.

    Your Friendly Llama,
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  5. My deepest sympathies!, he was a very nice and soft hearted friend,conveyed love and friendship towards others,never argued with others ,he will always be remembered among all the cyclone players,
    May the triple Gem bless him!
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  6. Ty We will always miss him forever
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  7. RIP :c
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  8. OH NO!!! I remember in V5, he would just look at me mine at Y for long periods of time.
  9. I never knew him at all. But when something like this happens it's very tragic. Im not very good with words, but I hope he's in a better place. Also prayers to his family and friends.
  10. awwwww this is sad to hear :'( I'm so sorry for your loss buddy. And sending thoughts to his family and friends <33