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  1. Melatte

    Scamss Ban Appeal

    I think it's really unfortunate that you don't understand how extreme this actually is. Not only did he break Discords rules, and the servers rules, but it was just plain inhumane. He revealed extremely sensitive information and said that I deserved it. He told other users, which ultimately...
  2. Melatte

    Scamss Ban Appeal

    Believe me, staff are well aware of everything else that has happened. If you have absolutely no defense for anything else and want to continue to deceive players and play innocent then that's a pretty unfortunate ban appeal.
  3. Melatte

    Scamss Ban Appeal

    This barely scratches the surface. Get help.
  4. Melatte

    Scamss Ban Appeal

  5. Melatte

    TheOneTruSeeker Staff Application

    Yesterday you were repeatedly helping people and on your best behavior. It was nice to have one more player helping people. If we all do it as a team, staff doesn't have to do as much. I was hoping this meant you legitimately wanted to prove you deserved to be Vyzon's server and regretted being...
  6. Melatte

    Denied Rainbow_shep - staff application

  7. Melatte

    T0UR - LuckySB Staff Application

    Tour has been so sweet, polite, and helpful since he joined. I think that despite his new arrival he is already an incredibly relevant member of the community. I always look forward to seeing him online and know he'd make a great member of staff!
  8. Melatte

    Accepted Skydiving - Staff Application

    Patrick is well-mannered and easygoing. He's capable of being serious, helping out players, and appreciates that everyone needs to follow the rules. But he's also capable of being fun and laid back when the situation allows. I can tell he just wants a good time and wants everyone else to as...
  9. Melatte

    Skydiving - Introduction

    You bring good vibes. Glad you're here. :)
  10. Melatte

    Denied [Dynorx_fcb] Staff Application

    Updated my original post. 😌
  11. Melatte

    Bring me espresso.

    Bring me espresso.
  12. Melatte

    Denied [Dynorx_fcb] Staff Application

    +1 QT 3.14 😊💜 Edit: So, I originally posted this for funsies because Dyndyn is a good friend on the server and he's helped me out a couple times. Buuut I've got to go ahead and share my two cents here... Dyndyn is a good person. He's got his heart in the right place, and for someone his age...