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    Xyss Staff Application

    More detail required in answers
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    Denied [Lonsdale] Staff Application

    +1 Good application, I believe if you keep up the good behaviour, you deserve a second chance.
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    LifeOfGaming01's staff application

    Whoops, i was meant to reply to your -1, mistake on my half - I was meant to ask you if there are any reasons or feedback you can give me for the '-1' I recieved
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    LifeOfGaming01's staff application

    Thanks, I appreciate it (y)
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    LifeOfGaming01's staff application

    I don't recall being rude to you, however, I apologise if you were somehow offended, thanks for the feedback :D
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    T0UR - LuckySB Staff Application

    Very well detailed application, I feel T0UR is generally very helpful and polite to people around the server :D +1
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    LifeOfGaming01's staff application

    What is your Minecraft username? : LifeOfGaming01 What is your Discord tag?: #1148 What is your date of birth and age?: I'm 16years old born on 11/08/2003 How long have you been playing on Lucky Skyblock? On this server, I have been playing about a couple of weeks now, however, I was...
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    Coming right up boss! :D

    Coming right up boss! :D
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    Denied [Dynorx_fcb] Staff Application

    Once again, I'm not bothered about anything in-game, this is about you trying to apply for staff, rather then focusing on me you should really try and focus on improving yourself as there's a lot to be improved. I gave you feedback, no need to resort to calling me 'salty' in-game thinking I'm...
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    Denied [Dynorx_fcb] Staff Application

    Lmao, I thought you said 'not you' 'just someones being toxic' aha. But I'm not even salty about that, you just started being a bit immature after I commented on this application. After me clearly saying you should know your facts because you said there was never a 'god' rank, you resorted to...
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    Denied [Dynorx_fcb] Staff Application

    That's just not true, but you can tell your own stories - I quite clearly remember you asking for +1's because you weren't getting any but ill leave it at that. p.s don't indirect comments at people too. -_-
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    Denied [Dynorx_fcb] Staff Application

    Sorry, I've got to be honest here, I put that nice comment in earlier because you asked me to do so, furthermore, I believed what I wrote but after seeing some of your comments made previously, that can't be happening.
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    Denied [Dynorx_fcb] Staff Application

    This changed my view on him quick lmao. Honestly, Dyn that can't go when you're going for staff :/
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    Hello there lads

    Hello there lads